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How come my turtle wont eat his chicken parm?

My friend works at a tree company who chops down trees. he always bringing me home turtles that lost there homes where they used to live in the woods. Im trying to be nice buy giving them a home and taking care of them but i have no idea what they eat and how to take care of them. I drop peices of chicken parm and pasta down in there tank but they wont eat it. I cook myself dinner and i cook for them to. I figuure they eat what i eat. tonight i poured a sprit down his shell and droped some ice cream on his head and he just hides in his shell like a coward. How is he soposed to thrive and live when he wont eat. I refuse to buy trutle food. he either eats what i eat or else. does any one kno any food i can cook him that they like?

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    Your friend is giving the turtles to the wrong person. You can sell all the turtles to a pet store and make some $$ off them while they are still alive. You are killing them with your kindness. .

  • Tink
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    Well Steve, you might want to learn how to start liking worms.

    Turtles that lived in the wild often won't eat turtle food - and they certainly won't like people food.

    You might be best off releasing those turtles in a pond.

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    this is consumer-friendly while a turtle is placed in a sparkling tank. If it is going for greater desirable than 2 weeks and you have the tank set up properly, slip some small earthworms into the water for it to discover. as quickly because it starts eating, you may upload liver to its nutrition plan and, as quickly as the turtle is larger, small fishes.

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    Turtles live in the woods?

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