Name some songs that mention the word 'Island' within the title...?

Here's a couple I enjoy...

"To The Island" by Jo Jo Gunne...

"Buy Me An Island' by Audience...

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Here's a video that I uploaded to YouTube a couple years ago. For my video I've featured various photos/scans of my Uranus LP, along with several pics of the seven stranded castaways :)

"The Ballad Of Gilligan's Island" as covered by late 70's Canadian Post Punkers 'Uranus'...

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Update 2:

@ Amy...

Whoooa...I've never seen Richard Clapton mentioned here in R&P. I own his Girls On The Avenue, Goodbye Tiger, Prussian Blue, Main Street Jive, Hearts On The Nightline, and Great Escape (where your song originates) albums on vinyl. Never cared all that much for the latter, as I'm a bigger fan of his 70's material. Thanks for sharing nonetheless :)

Tried to find videos to Richard's "Out On The Island" (from Hearts Of The Nightline ) and "Islands Of The Heart" (from Main Street Jive), but was unable to :(

It was actually R&P reg Kit Walker (who doesn't come on much these days unfortunately) who sent me a nice copy Richard's 'Goodbye Tiger' LP via airmail all the way from Australia a few years ago.

I also have a Party Boys album which I've never really cared for all that much. They featured Richard.


@ Glen...

So glad that you're enjoying Uranus! (That sounds weird huh?)

Some great answers everyone!

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