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Does anyone think astrology is fake?

Ok ive done a birth chart. im an open minded person, im open to learning new things and try to understanding them. So ive read the description of my chart and i find half the information false. A little of it were true but most of it just didnt describe me at all it felt as if i was reading someone elses birthchart. i know who i am, i know how i act and so does my friends and family. People always described me as introverted,shy,secretive,self protective and catious in real life, ive been like this since i was a child but im slowly working on opening up to people and letting people in... and i didnt see any of that in my birthchart.


Sag moon

Aries venus

Leo mars

Cancer mercury

The only things that i found true were the gemini sun and the cancer mercury. but the aries leo and sag just didnt to fit me at all....

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    what is your rising?? If you come off as introverted..shy and could be your rising..meaning you could be a cancer ascendant or virgo ascendant or even a pisces ascendant...It could be why you come off differently from how you might actually really be. Also, you say you say you are slowly working on opening up to people and slowly letting them in?? This is your Venus in Aries..You don't trust anyone BUT yourself because Aries are a lone star placement..and you achieve things on your own at your own pace and manner (You're the , "independant" one). Venus in aries describes how you are as a female in friendships and this could be the reason why its hard for you to easily open up or let people in. As for Astrology..I used to not think much of it...but its real. It still gives me the shivers to even admit to it.

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    Horoscopes doesn't completely define a person. No one is the same. They tell us what 

    many of our signs have in common or have tendencies in. For instance, I am Leo and we like to brag a lot. I have to urge to brag but I don't. I am supposed to be egocentric but I'm not. Probably because i was raised as so. However like other Leos I like to be the center of attention. Our signs are a generic foundation of what some of our traits and tendencies are. If we are all exactly like our sign, then there only 12 type of people in this world which is ridiculous. Also you may not be a full out Gemini. You have influential factors such as how you were raised and the rope of people around you. A Gemini billionaire is not gonna have the exact same personality as a Gemini felon or gangster.

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    Astrology is real. My neighbor is a Gemini and he never gives people a problem, very humble and light hearted person, so you are definitely not the only Gemini f those traits. I would like to see your entire chart to further explain why you are feeling this way.

    Also when were you born?

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    I don't think its 'fake' but I don't really believe it because, for example they say 'Gemini people are always nice' (have no idea if thats true, just made it up for an example),

    'gemini people are always nice'- not EVERY gemini in the world may be nice? Theres millions of the people who can be a gemini, share the same birthday, and everything!

    I don't know how to explain but I hope you get what I mean! xxxx

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    I don't know much I of this subject so I can only say this everyone doesn't agree on something in the world not a single subject. But this subject could be highly liked or hated you can ask ur friends if they like it and maybe they do and that's a start but just wait until someone comes up and says do u like it. And just look it up in google you can have a answer there.

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    genetics could be the other option besides there is another form of astrology called sidereal astrology which seems to describe u better.i have to agree that some traits of the sign sagittarius dont feet me at all.i am not at all talkative,adventurous,athletic or frank ie i am quite secretive ,but may be ur rising sign could have answer for eg mine is capricorn which is described to be shy ,cold, cautious, timid.

    Anyway science and genetics are the final answer to everything.My mom says i have inherited much of my grandpas trait and he is a completely different sun sign

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    If astrology is real, and astrologers include Pluto in their divinations, why do they ignore the other planet sized Kuiper Belt objects and how were they able to make accurate "predictions" without that information?

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    Yes, and here is my post saying why:

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    I kinda do and i kinda dnt believe in it

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