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Results for WSE Smackdown + Matches for WSE In Your House: Fire + Wrestling Questions?!?

Results for WSE Smackdown:

ME : CM Punk The Last Stand and Just RKO'em defeats Dragoontri Millennium Striker and Bobby Roode TNA Champion after Just RKO'em did a RKO on Bobby Roode to pick up the victory. During the match, Dragoontri walked out on the match but he returned after the match to smash a glass bottle on CM Punk The Last Stand's face. Bobby Roode TNA Champion did a Powerbomb on Just RKO'em onto the Steel Steps. (9-5)

2) Celtic Champion defeats Maryse*(c) to win the WSE Million $$ Championship after a DDT from the second rope. (7-6)

3) The Legend Killer defeats Samir Cerebral Assassin after a counter to Samir's Last Ride into a Twist of Fate. (9-5)

4) The Ghost Hunter defeats Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth after the Rock Bottom via pinfall.(8-6)

5) The Charismatic Enigma defeats The Prodigal Assassin to become the number one contender for the WSE United States Championship after a roll-up. After the match, Nexus and Bobby Rude Immortal Champion assaulted both users up with multiple chair shots. Cenation , CM Punk 4GTS and Phantom rushed in to make a save to The Charismatic Enigma and The Prodigal Assassin.

Meanwhile in between match 2 and match 3, a backstage brawl occurred when Cult of Personality was attacked by Hunter WS Jigsaw because of legitimate heats backstage. Both was reported to be bloodied and bruised after the brawl and it is confirmed that both Hunter WS Jigsaw and Cult of Personality will face each other at WSE Raw in a Last Man Standing match.

Matches for WSE In Your House: Fire (Now WSE is going to included segments and backstage brawls and this idea was brought out by Samir Cerebral Assassin so credits goes to him! Thanks Samir!)

The PPV started with pyros and commentators Jim Ross and Michael Cole and with Special Guest Commentator Dolph Ziggler nWo started the PPV by "Welcome to WSE In Your House: Fire and we are here live at Dallas,Texas in Reunion Arena and let's kick up with the first match on the card with Know Your Role And Shut Your Mouth defending his WSE U.S Championship against The Charismatic Enigma in an Inferno match!"

1st match: Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth(c) vs The Charismatic Enigma in an Inferno match for the WSE United States Championship

2nd match: Phantom and CM Punk 4GTS(c) vs Nexus and Samir Cerebral Assassin in a Tag Team Burning Tables match for the WSE World Tag Team Championship

Backstage segment: I know that this is like the same like WSWWE but I have asked Vince K.McMahon WSWWE for permission. (I want Dragoontri to cut a promo about the match)

3rd match: Heel Wolverine vs StephenNGN in a Burning Texas Bullrope match

Backstage Segment: (I want StephenNGN to cut a promo on how his match went and I want CM Punk 4GTs to interrupt his promo)

4th match: Just RKO'em(c) vs Bobby Roode TNA Champion in a Burning Steel Cage match for the WSE Championship

5th match: The Last Icon(c) vs Chris Xtreme in a Burning 2 by 4 Barbed Wire with LightTubes match for the WSE Hardcore Championship

6th match: Cenation(c) vs Bobby Rude Immortal Champion in a Burning Barbed Wire match for the WSE Intercontinental Championship

Backstage segment: (My promo and Cenation's promo as well)

7th match and Main Event: CM Punk The Last Stand(c) vs Dragoontri Millennium Strike in a Burning Ladder match for the WSE World Heavyweight Championship

BQ: Rate the card

BQ2: Rate the theme song as well


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Wrestling Questions:

WQ1: What are your predictions at Extreme Rules 2012?

WQ2: Should WWE make Extreme Rules a TV-14 PPV for one time only?

Promo: Dragoontri thinks that he has blinded me at Raw and Smackdown? Guess what? I may not be at a 100% tonight but I am at my 200% tonight because I am going to the same thing that I have done to you at WSE Wrestlemania 3 and that is putting you on a stretcher. Your lucky weapon in WSE is a Stretcher right? You have been lying on that after WSE Wrestlemania 3 for hours because I injured so badly that you can't walk. Thus, I will give you what you want. A Stretcher by the end of the night because I am a kind CEO and I give what my employees asked for. You have tried to get an edge over me by attacking me backstage and even during my matches and *smiles* trust me, you just got my bad side and I am going to slap that smirk out from your face after I defeated you later and still WSE World Heavyweight Champion and you.....you will be in the hospital where you are meant to be! *leaves scene and bump into Cenation*


Also vote for the dark match

Dark match: Professional Edgeheads vs Nexus

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    Sorry for being a little late.I was busy in college stuff.

    1.Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth

    2.Phantom and Cm Punk 4GTS (sorry samir)

    3.Heel Wolverine(Tough)

    4.Bobby Roode TNA Champion

    5.The Last Icon(I haven't seen chris in a while)


    7.Dragoontri Millennium Strike.

    Dark Match: Professional Edgehead

    BQ 1 : As always. Awesome 10/10

    BQ 2: good 9/10


    Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena

    According to rivalry between John Cena and Brock Lesnar in World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE Undisputed Champion Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena at September 19, 2002 Smackdown edition. John Cena was realized about his pro wrestling standards and improved it quickly with hard work, decided to start hunting Brock Lesnar. At February 13, 2003 Smackdown event, John Cena once again faced Brock Lesnar but failed. However, he did not compromised with failure, brawled with Brock Lesnar in March 27, 2003 Smackdown edition at backstage, earned title shot by winning the #1 contender’s tournament with hard work, faced WWE Champion at Backlash but WWE Champion successfully defended his title by defeating John Cena in a great match on April 27, 2003. Later, WWE did not give chance to Cena to face Brock Lesnar.

    Strangely, The Next Big Thing teamed up John Cena and defeated Kurt Angle and Undertaker at October 2, 2003 Smackdown edition. However, they worked in opposite teams on November 13, 2003 but joined in Team Angle and played important role in defeating Team Lesnar at Survivor Series pay per view on November 16, 2003. Similarly, he teamed up with Chris Benoit to beat him in tag team match on January 22, 2004 and also teamed up with Eddie Guerrero to beat him in a tag team match in February 12, 2004 Smackdown wrestling event. However, Brock Lesnar left WWE after WrestleMania XX on March 14, 2004, continued career in National Football League, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Mixed Marital Arts industry UFC. In this mean time, John Cena became a greatest pro wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment and earned opportunity to face The Rock at WrestleMania 28 but defeated by The Great One The Rock on April 1, 2012.

    i am unable to post further.Its says oops yahoo answers is currently unavailable.(edit later)

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    My votes for Fire:

    #1) Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth

    #2) Phantom and CM Punk 4GTS

    #3) StephenNGN

    #4) Just RKO 'em

    #5) The Last Icon

    #6) Cenation

    Main Event: CM Punk The Last Stand

    Dark Match: Professional Edgeheads

    BQ: 9 out of 10.

    BQ2: 8.5 out of 10.

    WQ1: Brock Lesnar vs John Cena, Chris Jericho vs CM Punk(c) for the WWE Championship in a Last Man Standing Match, and Sheamus(c) vs Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder Match.

    WQ2: I don't think that would matter because they show blood anyways, and I don't think the rating will bring anymore fans to buy the Pay Per View.

  • Thanks man, I'm glad I can help. :)

    Oh and by the way Nexus has two matches though lol.

    1) Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth

    2) Nexus and Samir Cerebral Assassin (me)

    3) Heel Wolverine

    4) Just RKO'em

    5) The Last Icon

    6) Cenation

    7) CM Punk The Last Stand

    Dark match) Professional Edgeheads

    BQ: 10/10

    BQ2: Nice choice for theme song. 9/10


    Perhaps we'll see Brock Lesnar vs John Cena. If this match happens then I think Brock will win and things will get more interesting.

    CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for WWE Chamoionship in perhaps a Last man standing match

    CM Punk will retain his WWE Championship in this match.

    Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan (note: Daniel Bryan has a rematch clause) for World Heavyweight Championship

    Sheamus will retain and still be World Heavyweight Championship

    Big Show (c) vs Cody Rhodes

    Winner: Big Show

    Divas match: Kelly Kelly vs Eve Torres

    Winner: Eve Torres

    WQ2: No, I don't think so.

  • 1- The Charismatic Enigma

    2-Phantom and CM Punk 4GTS


    4-Bobby Roode TNA Champion [Sorry Just RKO'em!]

    5-The Last Icon



    BQ-8.5/10 Interesting matches!



    WQ2-Yeah cause Extreme Rules can be really awesome with non PG plus its possible for it to go TV-14 based on the fan reaction WWE is getting lately and on the results of the HIAC at WM 28

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    Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth

    Nexus and Samir Cerebral Assassin


    Just RKO'em

    The Last Icon


    CM Punk The Last Stand

    Promo: Good morning WSE universe or should I say morons you see why can't you think for yourself, you always have to have someone to depend on. I hate that I am my own person you don't see me begging people to give me what I want. If you see how I live you would say wow, it ok because I am better and smarter than all of you, I went to Harvard you went to the lowest school your parents could afford, glad I don't live in your shoes because if I was I would be dead right now. I been nice and sweet with all you fans out there but I notice no one saw or like my attitude so why don't I spice it up, its my choice not yours. So don't act like you care because in your mind you don't .Not only will I get my rematch against Celtic Champion but I will prove that I am better and superior then he will be. Our match was not only a fluke but he didn't prove a thing, he whine and moan like a little baby, just because hunter dispute the title to me does not make me a loser but to get it from him was amazing you on the other hand won the title by a fluke win.A fluke win, Celtic Champion except Celtic Champion people should call you Fluke champion. I don't want to waste my precious time so I keep it short and sweet and say this, my rematch against you will be my victory.

  • I thought Im on the Smackdown brand im allways used on raw? PS I put the Dark Match at the end of the Q

    The Charismatic Enigma

    Nexus and Samir Cerebral Assassin

    Heel Wolverine

    Just RKO'em

    The Last Icon


    Dragoontri Millennium Strike

    BQ: 9/10

    BQ2: 9/10


    Match 1.) Kelly Kelly Vs. Eve Torres (Singles Match) - These twos have their freindship broken before Wrestlemania and they should have a match against each other I think the wwe will let Eve Torres win this match then Kelly Kelly gets her re-match at Over The Limit pay per view which this time Kelly Kelly picks up the victory against Eve Torres and then their fued ends.

    Match 2) Santino Marrella vs. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler (Triple Threat match For The United States Championship In a Steel Cage Match) - I think they will have this match again like they did on Monday Night Raw but since it was not a fair match at the start of the match with Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler teaming up they will have the match again then at Extreme Rules Santino Marrella will retain his United States Championship then Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger going onto a fued between eachother (Jack Swagger Face and Dolph Ziggler Heel)

    Match 3) Cody Rhodes vs. The Big Show (Singles Match For The Intercontinetial Championship in a Ladder Match) - I think Cody Rhodes will get a Re-Match for the Intercontinential Championship and and at Extreme Rules The Big Show will retain his Intercontinetial Championship and it will be the end of their fued.

    Match 4) Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan (Triple Threat Match For The Worldheavyweight Championhip) - Since Alberto Del Rio is back in the Championship Hunt he will get a match at Extreme Rules and since Daniel Bryan has to get his Re-match he will get that at Extreme Rules too.

    Match 5) The Miz w/Eve Torres Ringside vs. Zack Ryder (No Holds Barred Match) - Eve Torres will Join and love The Miz as his Girlfreind turning Zack Ryder Jelous making a fued between Zack Ryder And The Miz

    Match 6) CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho - CM Punk Will get revenge on Chris Jericho for what he has done to him on Raw.

    Match 7) Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena (Last Man Standing Match) - These Two will settle their differences at Extreme Rules

    WQ2: No

    Dark Match : Professional Edge Heads

  • Make me commentator more often

    1.Charismatic Enigma

    2. Phantom and Cm Punk 4 GTS

    3.Heel Wolverine

    4. Bobby Roode TNA champ

    5. Last Icon


    7.CM Punk the Last Stand

    Source(s): I am perfection!
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    Dark Match. Pro Edgehead

    1. KYRSYM

    2. Phantom and CM Punk 4GTS

    3. Heel Wolverine

    4. Just RKO 'em

    5. The Last Icon

    6. Cenation

    Main Event. CM Punk TLS

  • Match 1:The Charismatic Enigma

    Match 2:Nexus and Samier Cerebral Assasssin


    Match 3:StephenNGN

    Match 4:Just RKO em All

    Match 5:Chris Xtreme

    Match 6:Cenation


    Match 7/Main Event:CM Punk The Last Stand

    BQ:10/10 i love hardcore and x=extreme and thats what you gave me keep em coming

    BQ2:8/10 i like i never really listen to their music but it could match Finger 11

    WQ:John Vs Brock---Big Show vs Cody---Sheamus vs.Alberto vs.Danial

    WQ2:YEA!! and more(WE WANT BLOOD)


    Dark Match:Proffessional edgehead

    Source(s): I WANT IN A MATCH
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    8 years ago

    1) KYRSYM

    2) Phantom and CM Punk 4GTS

    3) StephenNGN

    4) Me!

    5) Chris Xtreme

    6) Bobby Rude Immortal Champion

    7) CM Punk tHE Last Stand

    Dark: Professional Edgeheads

    BQ: 10/10

    BQ2: 9.5/10

  • Voting:

    Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth

    Phantom and 4GTS (Please push GTS as a main eventer now, hes been here a while and deserves it)


    Just RKO em

    The Last Icon


    CM Punk The Last Stand

    BQ: 9

    BQ: 7


    Match Card + Winner:

    Brock Lesnar vs John Cena - Last Man Standing; Winner, Brock Lesnar

    Randy Orton vs Kane - Inferno; Winner, Orton

    CM Punk (c) vs Chris Jericho - WWE Championship in a Ladder; Winner, Punk

    Sheamus (c) vs Alberto del Rio vs Daniel Bryan - WHC in a Falls count anywhere; Winner, Sheamus

    Santino Marella vs The Miz - No Holds Barred; Winner, Santino

    Big Show (c) vs Cody Rhodes - IC in a Knockout, winner; Big Show

    Lord Tensai vs Yoshi Tatsu - Tables; Winner, Lord Tensai

    WQ2: No, because then most parents will not allow their kids to order it, so profits = down.

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