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If Heath Ledger was alive do you think Chris Nolan would have over used the joker?

Chris Nolan said that if Heath was still alive he would have made so many more movies since there was such a big story behind the joker but now this one was his last.

Wow the batman after this batman is gonna be weird since there is gonna be a new directer and batman.

Btw I have nothing against Heath Ledger but I think he was gonna be over used.

And Chris Nolan should do more seriously he kicks Tim Burton's a** at making batman movie. And also I think Chris Nolan should remeber the movie is called batman not batman and the joker!

Btw I can't wait to see the nexted one catwoman is back lol.

Is the riddler in it or was it a rumour?

And I also think they should bring back Robin?

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    I think your hunch is possible, sure. The Joker gets over-used in the comic books--he's one of the few Batman villains everybody recognizes because Mr. J is as iconic as the Batman himself. Oh, and the late Heath Ledger was that good.

    As for the rest....I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. Sorry. The Bale/Nolan take on Batman--the Paramilitary take on it--does have its problems. That take on Batman has the Caped Crusader doing little more than beating people up, he hardly does any thinking or detective work. Even in "The Dark Knight" the thinking being done is mroe about "What tech cheat can I use to spot the Joker and catch up with him" versus doing real detective work. It's like everyone else _around_ the Batman has to do his thinking for him.

    This seems kind of backwards to me. Bruce Wayne really needs to be smarter than that--he should by all rights be the most thoughtful guy in the room, if not the most clever.

    And the Burton/Keaton Batman? Well, we're talking about completely different styles of movie here, but in general, back then nobody in Hollywood wanted to take superhero movies seriously at all, so it was a case of Tim Burton having to make a masterpiece from the Recycle Bin if not the trash can. I think he did ok in terms of turning "Mr. Mom" into the Batman. And he did more than ok with Michelle Pfieffer.

    What I'm saying is: I'm actually looking forward to a fresh take on the characters. It doesn't have to be a _total_ reboot this time--I rather like the "realistic setting" in some ways and the "go out on top" strategy does allow the new director and actor to _build on continuity_ which is almost unheard-of in superhero movies. It's a real opportunity to tell NEW stories besides a) takes on the origin and b) some re-hash of the Batman/Joker conflict.

    If only other superhero movies had an opportunity like this handed to them.

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    The Joker is Batman's nemesis, but he do not need to be in every Batman movie. There are many villians to chose from. I would think Nolan still would have the thrid movie without the Joker until the very end in a cameo hinting the Joker would be back in a next (4th movie) but not as the main villian in the third one.

    That idea (keep repeating the same villian) is one of the reasons I do not like the Superman movies, almost all repeats Lex Luthor as the villian.

    Riddler has allways been a rumor.

    Robin? Not until Nolan leaves the series. If the next director brings in Robin is unkown.

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    I preferred Jack Nicholson's Joker

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  • 6 years ago

    joker got to end

    you wont see him in another storied

    he just belonged to this story

    more stories will destroy stories body

    i mean just for nolan

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