When the "Mayan" (Dec 2012) end-of-the-world doesn't happen, you'll buy supplies at bargain prices?

So many people are preparing for a specific emergency and when it passes (y2k) they will be selling off their generators, tents and all kinds of doomsday equipment, unused, new in the box, pretty cheap. Won't that be a good time to snap up lots of cool stuff at bargain prices?

Remember, true "preppers" don't prepare for any specific problem, because there is a "commonality of disaster", meaning you always need the same stuff no matter what happens; ice storm, hurricane, unemployment, fire or some idiot with a back hoe tore up some pipes and you have no water or gas for a week.

You should have backup plans for shelter, water, food, energy, communication, defense, medical, etc. If you think you are prepared now, go shut off your electrical box and the water pipe going into the house. Your kids will love the game!


Oh, and let's not forget about the Zombie Apocalypse. That could happen at any time. HA!

Update 2:

@Dr Yes!: my question is will you have the cash and the desire to pick up bargains after all the morons imagine the danger has passed/

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  • ak6702
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    9 years ago
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    I finally get to answer your question....

    I recall when Y2K was going to the worst thing to ever happen.

    I used to listen to Coast to Coast 7 days a week(I had 3 paper routes) from 1997 to 2004(Had to quit because of a ruptured disc in my neck from a car accident on my route in 2000.)Art would be selling Sea Crane radios and water treatment systems for surviving anything.The food he said of nothing happened he said you could eat.

    Even though he experts on saying there would be Nation Wide Martial Law-then maybe a return to Feudalism.

    So I have to say nothing will be discounted.I have my Gerber that's all I need(Even though Leatherman's are better).

    They sellers will just go on selling.Maybe the ones that specialize for a pole shift will be screwed.

    I also have my Zombie escape plan(I work at Six Flags Great Adventure).

    It's pretty well fenced in and has lake that has fish.That plus it has a machine shop/Clothing/food/auto.It also has trailers for the internationals to live in.Nice chock points a fully stocked First Aid area.That and when the stocked food runs out-the safari has plenty of self perpetuating food sources.

  • 4 years ago

    what's the top of the international on 21 December 2012 going to be this time? The photograph voltaic equipment passing with the aid of a "photon belt" close to Alcyone? sturdy tale, yet photons do not style belts, Alcyone is shifting removed from us and it replaced into all meant to take place approximately 1958. The return of Jesus, yet over returned? what share dates have been envisioned for that? Planet X which replaced into meant to be right here in could 2003 having yet another bypass at us? Why can not we see planet X if it rather is a few weeks away? Why ought to we not see it in 2003 while it replaced into first meant to be right here? Invasion of the annunaki from Nibiru searching for gold? Why can not we see Nibiru if it rather is a few weeks month away? The rapture, yet over returned? what share dates have been envisioned for that? all the planets interior the photograph voltaic equipment lining up, even although they can not and could not, and doing . . . something by some potential? must be magic through fact it constructive should not be gravity. Wasn't that meant to take place in 1999? photograph voltaic flares, which take place around 5 circumstances a week on a protracted term customary. Coronal mass ejections on the sunlight that are particularly basic - like the only on 14 july 2012 and a few circumstances when you consider that? notice something, did you? A line up of the sunlight and the Earth or something with the centre of the galaxy, which comes vaguely close two times each twelve months is meant to do . . . something? must be magic through fact it constructive should not be gravity. The photograph voltaic equipment crossing the vital airplane of the galaxy, as quickly as we don't certainly comprehend the place it rather is? extraterrestrial beings invade (no, not the annunaki)? Prophecies that the Maya did not make would be fulfilled? Prophecies that the previous French faker Nostradamus did not make would be fulfilled? the finished factor is fantasy, superstition and lies invented by potential of the certainty challenged and utilized by potential of the ethically challenged to make money from the mentally challenged. every physique who promotes it rather is a scum sucking backside feeder and that quite includes the Coast to Coast radio slime and the greed-ridden suits who run the heritage Channel.

  • 9 years ago

    If you live in N.Dak, you're born a prepper.

    Not only does everyone prep for our lethal weather, many here prepped for the Cold War.

    Because of all the missile silos and air bases, we were in the first strike zone and many homes including mine have a lead lined bomb shelter.

    As a rancher I have to have back-up sources of electricity and water.

    As far as any Armegeddon is concerned, I've adopted the "I'm the last man standing" philosophy.


  • Golfer
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    9 years ago

    Only two things might cause a disaster that may be in a cycle like Haley's Comet.

    So we can expect a meteor shower or sun spots to erupt if they had a cycle to go make a prediction.

    Biblically and I have the Bible to make a prediction and that is when the Antichrist will attack Israel and that is 2023.

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