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How do I effectively establish good bacteria in my aquarium without gravel?

Gravel is messy, difficult to manage, and extremely time-consuming to rinse before just getting started. Is there another way?

Or perhaps I'm rinsing it in a difficult way. Is there a fast and effective way to rinse it without making a huge mess?

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  • Dan M
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    Bare bottom aquariums are preferred by most serious goldfish keepers. You can siphon out waste and uneaten food before it decomposes. The water stays clearer because the fish can't stir up gravel that's not there. Little fuzz balls/ cling-ons that stick to goldfish fins are largely eliminated in a bare bottom tank.

    Good bacteria are found largely in the filter media where there is a lot of water flow, carrying oxygen and nitrogenous compounds they need past the bacteria. They can exist only in the very top layer of gravel. Deeper than that there is not enough oxygen for the bacteria. The gravel is not an important spot for good bacteria in the aquarium.

    Two people will look at the same method of cleaning gravel and have different opinions about how hard or how messy it was. Here's one I think is quick and minimally invasive most of the year. Take several five gallon plastic buckets outside. Put 2 -3 inches of gravel in each one. Squirt them with the garden hose and drain off the dirty water a few times. Put all the gravel in one bucket. Squirt the spilled bits of gravel into the grass. If you borrow a colander from your spouse, replace it. You may think they won't notice, but there are always gravel bits that are just the right size to jam in the holes, and even if you can force them out, it leaves marks.

    Source(s): Goldfish and ponds since 1972.
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    I use a colander to rinse my gravel. It's fast and easy. Just have a bucket nearby to put the clean gravel in. Just be careful when transferring.

    Barebottom tanks are possible too, and many people do use them. If your filter has enough media in it you should be just fine, as most of the bacteria lives in the filter anyways.

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    relies upon a great deal on what style of fish/animal you have in it, what share, how vast the tank is, what style of filter out, and extra. maximum individuals advise gravel using fact it rather is yet another place for reliable micro organism to strengthen. some fish go with sand to dig in, so substrate is a ought to. on the different hand, in case you have something rather messy, which include a turtle, or a sort of fish conventional for eating gravel, then gravel is a no-no. no remember what you nonetheless ought to vacuum the backside of the tank, whether there is no gravel gunk will flow to the backside. I choose gravel in fish tanks using fact in my view i think of it seems extra valuable.

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