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(Dragon Age Origins) (Possible Spoilers) If you marry Anora, who gives the speech before the Denerim battle?

I'm considering going through Dragon Age Origins as a Male Human Noble, and possibly marrying Anora and making her queen. My question is this, though - if you marry her and leave Alistair alive and in your group and everything, who's the one who gives the rallying, inspiring speech just before you march the Denerim City Gates to fight the Darkspawn? Is it Anora, or is it Alistair? I'm asking because, if marrying Anora causes her to be the one to give the speech, I won't marry her - I prefer Alistair's version of the speech.

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    If you marry Anora she gives the speech

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    Don't marry her, she'll probably try to have you killed or something... crazy b----. Alistair makes a great king.... even though he left my character after he was "crowned" :(

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    check out this site for help,info and spoilers.hope this helps.

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