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Whats the name of this movie about a blind girl who finds a letter about her friend who killed herself?

Its a movie about a really smart blind girl who had a friend that kiled herself because her grandfather raped her, so she left a note for the blind girl to find under this boys bed an the letter read why she killed herself . The girl who killed herself left a lot of hints for the blind girl and Im not sure but I believe it's a lifetime movie , i just want to know the name of it because its a good movie and i havent seen it in years.

Also, the blind girl gave the letter to her friends mother or grandmother and she threw it in the sink and told her to leave , once she left the mother/grandmother killed the grandpa who raped her hy injecting too much insulin. More information, there was a scene where the blind girl wen into the girl who kill herselfs room and something uappened but she wasnt suppose to be there and the mother/grandmother caught her, because the girl killed herself in that room and there was blood all over the floor , i think she shot herself or hung herself, i dont remember. Um.. I know this is a lot but i really want to see this movie.

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    Lies in Plain Sight (2010 TV movie)

    IMDb synopsis:

    Eva (Cheyenne Haynes) and her blind cousin, Sofia (Martha Higareda), were inseparable as children, with Eva the loyal companion who helped Sofia through her tough adolescent years. When Eva suddenly commits suicide, Sofia rushes home to her father, Hector (Benito Martinez), and Eva's parents, Marisol (Rosie Perez) and Rafael (Yul Vásquez), to find answers. The more she delves into Eva's life, questioning her past boyfriends, Ethan (Chad Michael Murray) and Christian (Christoph Sanders), the more Sofia realizes that their childhood was actually filled with dark, disturbing secrets.

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