Hi fellow seniors, did your parents ever cut your hair?

Ugh mine did, well my Mother used to trim my hair in the usual 'pudding basin' style as that was the only one she could manage.

I have photographs of me at age 5 or 6 with this strange looking, neatly cropped image of a young King Richard 111.

Thankfully though I was allowed to grow it long from the age of 8 therefore I had lovely long flowing locks throughout my teen years.

So were you ever unfortunate enough to have one of 'those looks' kindly supplied by an unprofessional inlaw?

BTW...Happy Easter everyone.

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  • Nancy
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    8 years ago
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    Oh boy, this is a sore spot with me and rated much discussion in therapy at one point in my life.

    Yes, my mother used to cut my hair and in particular my bangs. One time she kept cutting them crooked so that my bangs ended up being about half an inch short. The kids at school teased me to the point of tears. I was about 6, 7 and I could write already. I went up to my room crying after school and wrote a note to my mom saying "I hate you. Don't ever cut my hair again." I folded it into a paper airplane and flew it down to her. About 5 min. later I heard her crying in her bedroom. Sad. For all of us.

    She never cut my hair again. She took me to the beauty salon with her but for the most part, I did not have a hair cut for the next 15 years. Seriously.

    When I grew up I apolozied to her for that. She said she didn't remember it at all. I doubt that she forgot but....

    God bless her. She's gone now. What did i know? I was a little kid who got brutally teased, not to mention that I have a big nose I inhereted from her side of the family that I was teased for. I used to come home crying more than I can remember probably. I begged for a nose job but by the time I grew up and was old enough to pay for my own nose job, I no longer cared. It's MY nose. But, I digress..

  • 8 years ago

    Lily, that is so funny.

    Yes, my mother cut "chopped" my hair at home.

    it is the main reason I became a hairdresser, I learned to cut my own bangs around age 12 when I got tired of looking like a clown.

    Never failed,she always did one of her "trims" just before picture day at school, those old photos are so embarrassing.

    First home cut I can remember was rather traumatic, good thing I usually recover from shock fast.

    I was 4 years old and had the longest hair anyone around had seen, I used to sit on my long braids after long sits with my mother doing them up.

    We were about to do a long cross country trip from Conn. to Calif. by car and she just couldn't for see doing my hair on that long trip with 3 other kids to watch.

    She gave me a short bob, chin length.

    No more of those admiring looks or comments on that "cute little girl with the longest hair"

    I did better then my 2 older sisters ever did, at least I never had to suffer with one of those Toni home perms, they both have photos of looking like escaped mental patients, hair sticking out every which way.

    Have a Happy Easter as well.

  • 8 years ago

    Yes ... it was an economic necessity. My dad learnt how to do it on a troop ship during the second world war and that was the only hair cut he knew or considered respectable. So, until we were old enough to resist, my brothers and I all sported a 'short back and sides', delivered with manual clippers on a chair in the kitchen. We survived though it felt unfashionable/embarrassing at the time.

  • Tlyna
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    8 years ago

    When I was young my mom insisted I had to wear a cap cut. I also had to wear ugly oxford shoes because of a problem with my legs so I used to get horribly teased. As soon as I hit high school I refused to get my hair cut again for many years except for split ends. I'd already had surgery to correct the leg problem. I am 59 now and still have long hair.

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  • 8 years ago

    Oh yes. Mom would cut my bangs halfway up my forehead, and then when they dried, they were even short. She also cut length of my hair to a pageboy style. By the time I was 10 yrs old, I had enough of odd haircuts, so I began doing my own hair, rolling it, and styling. She didn't help with my hair again, until I was a little older, and bleached it for me. That's another story there. Oy!

  • Blank
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    8 years ago

    When times were tough and there wasn't money for luxuries, Mom would whack at my hair.

    I can look at old photographs and tell when my dad lost his job and started his plumbing business by my hair cut. Same thing happened a few years later when he had his appendix out. Oops.

    Unfortunately, I did the same thing to my sons the year my husband was out of work for seven months. I didn't think they looked bad. Now when I look at those school photos, I see child abuse. LOL!

  • Milton
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    8 years ago

    No, but when I was a teen with a ponytail back in the 50s, they threatened to! I got my first haircut at 2 1/2 and except for that brief period of hippydom in my late teens, I have been getting at least one haircut a year whether I needed it or not!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    My stepdad cut my brothers' hair. It was easy, they were only allowed to wear crew cuts or buzz cuts, so with an electric shaver it only took a minute or so for each of them. We girls went to my aunt for haircuts, I'm not sure why my mother didn't cut our hair, but my aunt could do no wrong in our eyes so maybe it was easier for her if my aunt did it, knowing she would get no complaints. By the time the boys got older and wanted to wear their hair long (the Beatles were the big thing then) my stepdad threw his arms up in the air and let them wear it any way they liked, but they had to go to the barber when they wanted it cut, for dad refused to do it any longer, LOL.

  • Joan
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    8 years ago

    ha ha, I have now got an image of you in my mind.

    I must have been lucky because my mum took me to the local hairdresser every now and again, mainly to get me hair thinned out. I've always had really thick hair and, if left, grows out like a bush.

    Even now, my hairdresser thins my hair each time I go.

    I must have been allowed to let my hair grow a bit too, as I can remember sitting on the arm of the chair and my mum putting rags in my hair so I would have ringlets. God, how I hated it. It was either that or I had two plaits with ribbons in them.

  • 8 years ago

    I remember the pudding basin cut well. My mum did the same to me and in return I used to sit on the arm of the chair, brush, comb and pin-curl her glossy dark hair. Funny how things turn out becuse years later I completed my hairdressing apprentaship at Marcel in Coulsdon Surrey which enabled me to do my mums hair properly.Happy days. By for now.x

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