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Creating an NHL playoff pool. What points system should I use for scoring it?

I'm running an NHL pool for my friends and I. (We are going to make our picks for the respective rounds as they come about.) There are 16 teams and 4 rounds. Should I use a system like this:

1st round - 1 point for each winning pick

2nd round - 2 points for each

3rd round - 3 points for each

Stanley Cup Final - 4 points for picking champion

Do you think this system will keep it fair and exciting? Do you have any recommendations?

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    Last season I used this site to print off my bracket sheets.

    And used 5 points for 1st round 10 2nd 15 3rd 20 final. You will need a tie breaker I had them pick how many games the final would be won in then if it's still tied the total score of the final game.

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    It looks good but I would make a tie breaker just to make sure. For instance how many games will be in the Stanley Cup finals or total amount of goals scored in the finals

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    Why does there would desire to be factors interior the 1st place? custom? specific, they have been mandatory while ties have been around, yet now which you will basically win or lose, factors are pointless, and you will desire to not be presented a factor basically because of the fact it takes you a sprint longer than 60 minutes to lose a activity. Do communities in any of the different activities get a reward for dropping in beyond customary time? No, of direction not. those different proposed structures per what number factors you benefit in beyond customary time is ridiculous because of the fact, back, the different activities do not outright reward or punish a team for taking time beyond regulation to make certain a activity. My overly simplistic gadget is this: in case you win a activity, your win counter will develop by way of one. in case you lose a activity, your loss counter will develop by way of one. No factors in besides. it incredibly is the least difficult, and the main sensible given there are not from now on ties. I advise, heavily, are you able to look on the standings with a number of those proposed structures and take "14-7 (2-a million) (a million-3)" heavily? isn't is basically lots much less complicated and greater effective to declare "17-11".

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