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Who would win these matches(EWE)?

The road to Fight For Glory 2012 ends tonight. The stage is set and in less than 24 hours the EWE landscape is sure to change in definitely. Tonight, world title #1 contender Mr. Anderson and world champion, Drew McIntyre are gonna be in the ring at the same time for the first time before their main event match tomorrow night. Also tonight, every wrestler qualified for the M.I.T.B. match will be in the ring for a 6-man tag team match! Tonight everything will come to a head, everything becomes clear, and the stage will be set for the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year.

1. M.I.T.B. qualifying match:

Dolph Ziggler vs. David Otunga

Event#1: *The EWE Chairman’s in his office*

He reads the note on his desk; “’Bring me the Chairman.’? Sounds like someone’s gotta problem? It’s alright. I know how to handle this. Tonight, they’re gonna get the Chairman. I’m gonna be in that ring and this guy, these guys, whomever you are better be in that ring as well.”

- Kelly Kelly enters The Pope’s locker room to interview the champ. She enters his locker room and The Pope has just exited his shower. He exits the bathroom in nothing but a towel. Kelly shields her eyes, but The Pope says not to fear. “Baby, don’t be shy. It’s pope, not the Big Show.” Pope un-shields Kelly’s eyes and asks for that interview. Kelly asks pope if he expects to exit his first ultimate x match at F.F.G. as the champion? Pope says he’s already gotta after-party planned for the end of the show. The title is staying where it has always been around the waist of The Pope. And he’s says THAT my baby, is popin’.

2. M.I.T.B. qualifying match:

Homicide vs. Kane

3. Tag team tournament match:

Cryme Tyme vs. Robbie E. & Robbie T.

Event#2: Thomas Rule makes his way to the ring. Rule asks if anyone’s ever had a best friend they thought would be their friend forever, but one day things changed and people changed? Your best friend, no longer a best friend. You guys barely talk anymore. Maybe your best friend pinned something on you or just decided to end the friendship for an unknown reason. “I don’t know you guys well enough, but I do know my best friend, er…former best friend, Jesse. Man, I brought you into this damn company! I know your EWE career has been nothing compared to mine. But, why take it out on me? I’m not chairman anymore and trust me if I was you’d already be a champion on this show. You shouldn’t be angry. Just given a chance to show your ability. You turned your back on me because you’re jealous of my success.” Jesse shows up on the screen/titantron. “Jealous of your success, Tommy? Maybe. Yea, I’m sick and tired of being overlooked on this show or that garbage that’s TsWRW. I have all the talent in the world and Joey throws me aside for you! That’s gonna change, Tommy. Fight For Glory is gonna be my time. Thomas Rule is gonna be nothing but a memory and Jesse’s gonna skyrocket to the top. Oh, and Tommy. I’m sooo sorry for your loss. If you know what I mean.”

4. M.I.T.B. qualifying match:

Tyler Reks vs. Santino Marella

5. Tag team tournament match:

Rhyno/Christian vs. Daniels/Samoa Joe

Event#3: Royal Rumble winner, Mr. Anderson’s theme hits. Ken’s mic ascends from the top and he starts to speak. He says he expects nothing more from a coward named Drew McIntyre to hit another man when he’s not looking. Let alone with the world title. “Drew, you showed cowardice when you cashed-in money in the bank on an injured champion to gain the world title. You showed it again when you attacked me from behind, although I got to admit I was gonna do the same to you, so kudos to you, champ. Gotta little banged up, but I’m ready for you. Ladies and gentlemen, your new EWE world heavyweight champion Mistarrrrr Annndersonnnn…..ANDERSON!” He then heads to the ring.

MAIN EVENT: Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam

AFTER THE MATCH: The world champions’ theme music hits. The world champ shows up at the stage. Drew says he’s here to wish good luck to Mr. Anderson. It was luck that he won the Royal Rumble in January. It was destiny that Drew won money in the bank. Drew was destined for greatness. The chosen one in the wrestling industry. Mr. Anderson is a waste of time and space. Good space that could be used for someone more deserving of the world title spot to challenge the chosen one. Anderson asks; “A waste of space? Oh, come on. I know I don’t have the best look. I’m not the biggest guy on the roster. But, I ain’t a waste! I won the freakin’ rumble! And you’re gonna find out just how much of a waste I am when I win the world title from the chosen one and you hear the fans yelling ANDERSONNNNN!”


Event#4: The EWE Chairman comes to the ring after his theme hits and the smoke from Anderson and McIntyre has cleared. It’s the boss’s time now. Joey demands whomever this note came from come down to this ring right now. He lets Jesse know he gave him a match with Thomas Rule, so that’s a reason for Jesse to be angry. “Jesse, just come down to this ring and we can talk this out. I know I haven’t given you the opportunity, but it’s just that you haven’t shown any promise. Jess, I gotta proclamation for you. Tomorrow night you defeat Thomas Rule and you will get the next shot at the Intercontinental championship. Jesse’s music hits and he heads to the ring for his shot to speak to the big boss. Jesse says: “Joey, I understand where you’re coming from. It wasn’t me. I didn’t write the note.” Joey’s frustrated now. Joey asks Jess why he made the comment he made to Thomas Rule earlier tonight? Jesse says whatever it is, it’s between himself and Thomas Rule. Joey says he’s the boss. This DOE

Update 2:

DOES concern him! Jesse says to just get out of it now. Joey disagrees. “This has everything to do with me. And you’re gonna find out that you just f#d up right here. Not only are you going 1-on-1 against your former friend tomorrow night. You lose…..and you’re FIRED!” Jesse looks shocked as all h4ll after the shock he just received. Thomas Rule then creeps into the ring to attack Jesse from behind for what he said about the loss of Thomas’s dear friend. Officials are called in, but this fight continues even after both are separated. This feud is gonna blow up at F.F.G.’12. Along with the return of M.I.T.B., Ultimate X, and the world title and tag titles on the line. EWE’s biggest event of the year, don’t miss it!

Give this edition of EWE a rating, answer the WQ below, and STAR the show.

WQ: WM27 Undertaker vs. Triple H or WM28 Undertaker vs. Triple H(special ref. HBK)? Which was the better match?

5 Answers

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    Match 1-winner Dolph Ziggler-6/10

    Event #1-7.5/10

    Match 2-winner Kane-6/10

    Match 3-winners Cryme Tyme-6/10

    Event #2-7/10

    Match 4-winner Santino Marella-2/10

    Match 5-winners Daniels/Samoa Joe-9/10

    Event #3-7/10

    Main Event-winner RVD-8/10

    Post Match-7.5/10

    Event #4-7/10

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  • Ric F
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    ( Match 1 ) - Money in the Bank Qualifier

    Dolph Ziggler vs. David Otunga( 5 / 10 )

    WINNER - Dolph Ziggler

    ( Match 2 ) - Money in the Bank Qualifier

    Homicide vs. Kane( 0 / 10, i believe u said last time u were using masked kane )

    WINNER - Homicide

    ( Match 3 ) - Tag Team Tournament

    Cryme Tyme vs. Robbie E. & Robbie T. ( 5 / 10 )

    WINNER(s) - Cryme Tyme

    ( Match 4 ) - Money in the Bank Qualifier

    Tyler Reks vs. Santino Marella( 0 / 10 )

    WINNER - Santino Marella

    ( Match 5 ) - Tag Team Tournament

    Rhyno/Christian vs. Daniels/Samoa Joe( 7 / 10 )

    WINNER(s) - Rhyno & Christian

    ( Main Event ) - Singles Match

    Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam( 5 / 10 )

    WINNER - Rob Van Dam

    OVERALL - 4 / 10

    This is the rating because at the beginning of the show you said there would b a 6 man tag between everyone who qualified for the mitb. im guilty of this too, but the matches on this episode were not the most entertaining, but it is still the average for Y!A e-feds, good job!

    word to the wise

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  • 8 years ago

    01) Otunga would submit to Ziggler's Sleeper Hold.

    02) Kane would pin Homicide after a Chokeslam From Hell.

    03) JTG would pin E after a Front Flip Neckbreaker.

    04) Marella would pin Reks after a Pull-Back Neckbreaker Slam.

    05) Rhyno would pin Daniels after a Gore.

    06) RVD would pin Anderson after a Reverse Diving Cross Body.

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  • kully
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    adventure#a million: John Morrison wins after hitting Starship discomfort and pinning Chavo Guerrero. adventure#2: component beats massive teach after a SPEAR! After the adventure: massive teach pulls a extra healthful, he then alternatives up the exhausted component and ChokeSlams him and leaves the hoop. adventure#3: Kong, Phoenix, and Velvet win. adventure#4: Cryme Tyme win because of the fact M.C.M.G are the worst Tag group in TWA and in Wrestling era! adventure#5: Rob Van Dam keeps the TWA easy-weight call in severe regulations over Little Rey Mysterio! HA, what a adventure this became, yet no remember what Rey did, RVD did it plenty extra suitable because of the fact RVD is plenty extra suitable than Rey! score: 10/10! WQ: i'm liking the CM Punk/Luke Gallows tale on SmackDown and that i believe Punk that all people ought to stay the in the present day-component life type. If WWE is PG, why are they spreading drugs to babies having Punk be Heel and adult males like Jeff Hardy and R-actuality as Face? tousled to me, Punk's Gimmick won't be the suitable for a baby's teach. Make Punk Face! stay THE in the present day-component life!!!!!!!!!!! CM Punk can shop you all, you basically prefer the ability to assist him assist you!

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  • Is this just a bunch of hypothetical questions

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