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Working at Wells Fargo?

First, I want to know about changing the interview time. It gave me a time that I can't make, so I selected decide later. I want to know if I can select wait till their next interview time's? If I do wait, will that affect my chances at getting a job? Second, is this a good company to work for? The position is for part time Teller.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Wells Fargo is one of the largest US financial corporations so yes it is a good, stable company to work for, but like most big companies, they lack the personal connection to their employees. Banks are great though because even if the pay is not that great, with some easy, short classes at a community college you can move up. There is also the advantage of not working holidays and weekends and you never have to take your work home with you.

    As for changing your interview, take the earliest they offer you if at all possible because they may fill that interview slot with another applicant and decide on another person before you ever get your interview.

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