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Senegal parrot or cockatiel??? (some questions too)?

Its between that and a Cockatiel (which I have owned before) but first I want know what's similar and different between the two. Which is more affectionate and loyal? What one do you like better? And also can you give me links to good care sheets and sites about the Senegal? Thanks

Ps. I kinda want the Senegal more but I'm not sure yet.

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    Alright, I'll answer your questions directly, but add a bit more...

    More affectionate and loyal would be the senegal... but it depends too. The cockatiel will be affectionate, but probably not that "loyal".

    I think the senegal parrot is more visually stunning, but I like the personality of cockatiels better.

    As a novice bird owner who has only had a cockatiel before, I strongly caution against a senegal parrot or any of the poicephalus parrots. I work at a bird store/rescue and they are our biggest problem birds. The lady I work for has even made the decision not to sell babies anymore because they simply do not always make that great pets. She had a red bellied parrot (which is an extremely similar species to the sengal), that she had hand-fed and handraised herself, and it would visciously bite and attack her.

    They can be extremely sensetive birds that easily develop phobic fears. They can freak out and start plucking just because you repositioned the couch or painted the wall a new color.

    They are very pretty birds with loads of personality and highly intelligent.

    I was even having a discussion at work today, and one of the girls who has been into birds longer than me (the daughter of the store owner) and who grooms the birds affirmed that Senegals are the WORST biters. I'm not even kidding when I say I would rather handle an angry macaw than an angry senegal.

    I HAVE a senegal. She is 22 years old, and when I got her at the age of 13 she had already had at least 3 homes (possibly more). She seems sweet at first, she talks to you, makes little beeps and whistles and bows her head to be stroked, and she visibly enjoys being pet, closing her eyes and poofing out and swiveling her head about as you pet her. But in an instant, before you can blink or react, she will flip her head around and bite you. And this isn't just a little nip like you get from most birds, this is a digging in, puncturing, grinding, twisting, pulling bite that leaves you totally torn up and gushing blood. I have been bitten by macaws, lovebirds, parakeets, amazons, NEVER anything like this senegal--- and it seems to be typical.

    Generally, they are good with ONE person and one person only. The only thing is you can't always choose who that one person is. My senegal loves my dad and tends to be good with men in general, she will cuddle with him to no end, and after biting him a few times the first few weeks we had her, she hasn't even attempted to do it again, he can pick her up and flip her on her back and more.

    One thing is that you may get a baby senegal, and it will be sweet and loving-- then it will hit sexual maturity at a few years of age and get grumpy and nippy (and possibly damaging bites like my girl... this is likely how she lost her first home). Your bird might return to the lovey dovey critter it was before, only liking ONLY you now, or it might decide it hates you but loves your brother, spouse, neighbor, friend, ect.

    I strongly reccomend checking out other species of birds. If you want a green bird that is similar in size to a senegal, look at Green Cheek Conures--- they are very sweet, playful little birds. They too will go through a hormonal stage, but are much more likely to remain open to many different people. These are great birds for first time bird owners, yet they are still intelligent and engaging.

    Cockatiels are almost always just sweet dumb things. I have one and I adore her, but there isn't much going on in her silly little head. :)

    If you want to talk birds more, or ask me about almost any species, just email me. Hope I have helped!

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    If you've owned a cockatiel before, try a senegal parrot. And it's not too hard to find some info on them...Google it.

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    Senegal Parrot Care Sheet

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