another girl tried to fight me?

I'm a girl. I used 2 have a friend, but i didn't like her very much, and i don't think she liked me either. now we're not friends and we hate each other:/ ever since she came to the school two years ago, she was trying to make up horrible rumors about me and talking about me behind my back for no reason. people told me about this so that's how i know. yesterday, she came and started kicking me, i kicked her back, she full on started grabbing my shirt trying to punch and slap me and push me to the ground. people started to watch. i slapped her back and she walked off and she yelled out 'f*ck you!" we're in a private high school (year 8) so if the teachers see, we will probably get suspended. what should i do about this girl? i told my mum, she thinks whatever she does to me, do it back. and if it doesn't stop her, tell the principal. any other opinions? thanks (:

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  • 9 years ago
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    ik this sounds lame, but honestly, be overly nice to her when she talks to you, and ignore her if she doesnt. i mean, not obnoxiously nice, but if she comes up and kicks you, say something like "love your shoes!" and walk away. seriously, whats she gonna do? argue with you? and then if she spreads rumors or picks fights, she'll look like a complete idiot and immature, cause people will see how you respond to her. and then if the teachers or principal do get involved, youll have nothing to hide. dont cuss at her, and DONT GOSSIP! ik this is incredibly hard, but everytime i have gossiped to my friends about someone i dont like, its back fired. if anything, even if you have to be VERY creative, think of something nice to say about her to other people even when shes not there. that way if she spreads rumors, no one will believe a word of it. just dont say anything but positive, and keep the upper ground, and youll come out fine. good luck, and sorry you gotta deal with this :/

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