What size are the beds in Trinity Hall? (TCD dorm rooms)?

I'm doing some early bedthing shopping for my move to Dublin in the Fall. I can't find anywhere online the dimensions of the beds in Trinity Hall. Probably a long-shot but guesses are good too! If anyone has any guidance on USA vs. UK/Ireland linen sizes I would really appreciate it!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Its a standard single bed


    Standard single

    36" x 75", also sold as 90 cm by 190 cm.

  • jonal
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    8 years ago

    Irish linen is world famous. There's no need to bring everything with you.

    Trinity beds are normal single beds, 3 feet by six feet three inches.

    Enough space for a student and a pile of books haha if you doze off reading a pile of books.

    You can get sheets, duvets and covers , pillows and pillow cases, sleeping bags, whatever you want.

    Most of Dublin is expensive but there are some cheaper shops too and there are other cities you'll be seeing that are not as expensive as Dublin.

    Here's a recent answer for Dublin. See the weather link on it and the student answer further down.

    You'll need plenty of warm stuff as well as lightweight stuff cuz Dublin can be summer and winter in the same week sometimes.

    Enjoy it...it's a fine place is Dublin


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