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Wandering About My Baby Name List?

I'm not expecting i was just wandering what people thought of my baby name list. I don't like very common names. Suggestions on other names are welcome and on spelling!


Ansley Savanah

Aurora Layne

Blaire Sophia

Blakely Eve

Cammie Aleeah

Caydence Alora

Eden Claire

Elsie Savanah

Maisie Shaye

Myla Brielle

Paisley Carissa

Sutton Makinley


Bentley Cade

Cayden Reed

Channing Reed

Colt Davidson

Dagen Boyd

Emerson Chase

Hudson Parker

Oakley Ryder

Parker Hayes

Presley Jace

Rylan Carter

Tyson Jay

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    Ansley Savanah - I love both the names, but I prefer the spelling Ainsley Savannah. I know a girl called Ansley and everyone pronounces her name incorrectly as 'Ann-sley', rather than 'Ayns-ley'. Gorgeous names though :)

    Aurora Layne - This is pretty, but I prefer Laine for the spelling of Layne.

    Blaire Sophia - Love it!

    Blakely Eve - I love Eve, and Blake for a boy, but Blakely sounds a bit weird.

    Cammie Aleeah - Cammie looks like more of a nick name, and I prefer Alia for the spelling of Aleeah. How about Grace Alia instead?

    Caydence Alora - I prefer Cadence for the spelling and I don't really like Alora. It sounds like Flora.

    Eden Claire - Gorgeous :)

    Elsie Savanah - Again, prefer Savannah for spelling. Elsie seems a bit too childish and unfinished. How about Elise or Alyssa instead?

    Maisie Shaye - Maisie sounds like a cartoon character and I don't like Shaye.

    Myla Brielle - Gorgeous :) How about Maya or Maia instead of Myla? I do love Myla but just wanted to give you some more ideas.

    Paisley Carissa - I'm not a huge fan of Paisley, but this names sounds nice. I don't like Carissa as much though. How about Paisley Alyssa instead?

    Sutton Makinley - Sutton doesn't sound very feminine or name-like. I don't like Makinley for a name either.

    Bentley Cade - This is gorgeous :) How about Bentley Jude instead?

    Cayden Reed - Don't like Cayden. Reed's nice, but only for a middle name.

    Channing Reed - Gorgeous :) Reminds me of Channing Tatum :P

    Colt Davidson - Colt is too horsey and Davidson sounds like a surname.

    Dagen Boyd - Dagen isn't very nice. Boyd just looks like you've taken 'boy' and added a d to the end.

    Emerson Chase - This one's gorgeous :) Love both the names and they sound really nice together.

    Hudson Parker - This sounds nice, and I love both the names, but Hudson usually gets 'Huddy' as a nickname, and I don't think it sounds very nice.

    Oakley Ryder - Love Ryder, but I'm not sure about Oakley. It does sound nice though.

    Parker Hayes - Like Parker, Hayes looks too much like a surname.

    Presley Jace - Too Elvis-y. I don't like Jace either.

    Rylan Carter - I prefer Ryland or Ryan to Rylan, but I love Carter. Ryland Carter or Ryan Carter both sound nice :)

    Tyson Jay - Don't like either. Tyson reminds me of Mike Tyson or Dyson vaccuums... and Jay looks unfinished and lazy.

    I think my favourite names are Ainsley Savannah and Emerson Chase. :)

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    Ansley Savannah- The name Ansley is cute and love the name Savannah

    Aurora Layne-cute name and sounds really good with middle name

    Blaire Sophia-love the name Blaire for a girl and Sophia is a great middle name

    Blakely Eve-I don't really like this one

    Cammie Aleeah-it is OK

    Caydence Alora-it is also OK

    Eden Claire-it sounds good with Claire

    Elsie Savanah-aww this is such a cute name

    Maisie Shaye-aww also cute

    Myla Brielle-I don't really like the first name but the middle name is cute

    Paisley Carissa-Love the name Paisley

    Sutton Makinley-I don't like the first name and I like the middle name spelled McKinley


    Bentley Cade-this is a adorable name

    Cayden Reed-also a adorable name

    Channing Reed-it is an OK name

    Colt Davidson-I don't like this name

    Dagen Boyd-also don't like

    Emerson Chase-love this name

    Hudson Parker-it is OK

    Oakley Ryder-don't like

    Parker Hayes-I like it

    Presley Jace-love this name especially the middle name

    Rylan Carter-it is a cute name

    Tyson Jay-love this name

    Favourites:Blaire Sophia and Cayden Reed

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    It seems like you have fairly modern taste. I like...

    Aurora Layne

    Maisie Shaye

    Oakley Ryder

    Presley Jace

    Emerson Chase and Eden Claire are also okay.

    Other forms of your names that I prefer...

    Cadence Alora (love Cady as a nickname)

    Maisie Shae

    And I might switch some up...

    Blakely Claire

    Elsie Blaire

    Ryder Presley

    Tyson Reed

    Some other suggestions...




















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    Ansley Savanah - I like it just because it's my sisters little girls name :)

    Aurora Layne - I don't like this one since I know a dog with both of those names, plus I just don't like them sorry

    Blaire Sophia - I like the flow of this name :) Very nice :)

    Blakely Eve - Not a fan sorry

    Cammie Aleeah - Not a fan sorry just because when I hear Cammie I think of camo and I would rather Leah over Aleeah

    Caydence Alora - It's alright not a fan again sorry

    Eden Claire - I love this name :)

    Elsie Savanah - I think Savanah Elsie flows much better :)

    Maisie Shaye - love this name :)

    Myla Brielle - love this name :)

    Paisley Carissa - It's nice but not my style

    Sutton Makinley - Not a fan sorry although I do like Makinley :)

    Bentley Cade - I love this name :)

    Cayden Reed - I love this name :)

    Channing Reed - Not a fan sorry although I love Reed :)

    Colt Davidson - I like this name although I would rather Colton:)

    Dagen Boyd - Not a fan sorry I just don't like the sound of the names

    Emerson Chase - I think Chase Emerson sounds way better like both names :)

    Hudson Parker - Love this name :)

    Oakley Ryder - I am not a fan of Oakley but I like Ryder, I like Oliver Ryder although it sort of rhymes :)

    Parker Hayes - I love it :)

    Presley Jace - Love Jace but not a fan of Presley sorry

    Rylan Carter - Love it :)

    Tyson Jay - Love it :)

    You have some great names :)

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    I like them, except for bently, im sorrybut that reminds me of a female stripper lolz

    Well for girls I like:


    April June May



















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    For a girl I like Samantha Mae

    For a boy Declan or Scott Carter

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    9 years ago

    i love different names too(:

    my favorite girl names are: Ansley Savanah, Blakely Eve and Maisie Shaye.

    my favorite boy names are: Bently Cade, Cayden Reed and Dagen Boyd

    other girl names i love are: Kesley, Jenika, Braylen, and Conor

    other boy names i love are: Brylen, Braxton, and Kyler

    All of them on your list are really good and creative!(: good luck! hope i helped(:

    Source(s): me(:
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    elsie savannah, eden claire (my favourite), aurora layne.

    I don't really like any of the boys' names. How about Noah Jay?

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    Lol well I see you're prepared!! I don't none of the "E" names for the boy or girl! My fav. for the girl is Myla Brielle. Really pretty! & my fav. for the boy is Rylan Carter!! Kinda fancy! :)

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    I like them all except Blakely doesn't seem to flow. maybe Evie Blake? Blake Everlie? Nice list though.

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