what is a good airsoft gun?

im just now getting into air soft and i wanted to know whats a good airsoft gun? also give me the basics whats an aeg? my price range is from $100-$200 give or take. i was looking online and i really like the g36c models, are they good? plus what is a good brand? and are plastic guns very fragile or are metals too heavy? please give every little detail you know thanks in advance.

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    You asked for every detail, so here I go. First, learn these basic acronyms:

    AEG: Automatic Electric Gun (Like assault rifles)

    AEP: Automatic Electric Pistol

    LPEG: Low Price Electric Gun

    FPS: Feet per second (The higher the FPS, the faster the velocity of the BB, hence hurting more.)

    EBB: Electric Blowback (The slide/hammer blows back, imitating a real gun.)

    GBB: Gas Blowback (A gun powered by CO2/gas in which the slide/hammer blows back, imitating a real gun.)

    LMG: Light machine gun (Big guns which usually have large magazines, used to support squads.)

    SMG: Sub machine gun, like a mix between an assault rifle and a pistol, such as an MP5 or UMP.

    BDU: Battle dress uniforms (Camo uniforms)

    CQB: Close quarters battle


    Under 200fps: barely hurts at all

    200 - 275 fps: little pain

    275 - 325: feels identical to a bee sting

    325 - 400: bee sting times 1.5.

    400 - 500: bee sting times 2.

    Okay, now, detailed explanations:

    AEG: AEGs are guns which require a battery to operate. They have metal internals, such as a metal gearbox. They fire fully automatic, and sometimes they have a semi automatic option. These are the primary weapons used by many airsoft players.

    They are usually about 300 - 400 FPS.

    AEP: Automatic electric pistols are usually cheap. They're not widely used because they're

    usually very low FPS, only about 180 - 250.

    LPEG: Low priced electric guns are frowned upon by the airsoft community. They have plastic internals, are cheap, commonly weak, and don't last very long. The average FPS for LPEGs is about

    200 - 250 FPS.

    FPS: Feet per second is how fast a BB travels, otherwise known as velocity. Guns vary in FPS. More FPS causes more pain, hence low FPS equals lower pain levels. A common misconception is that more FPS is better.

    EBB: Electric guns in which the slide or hammer blows back, imitating a real gun. They have very little recoil.

    GBB: Gas blowback guns are usually pistols. They are either powered by CO2, green gas, or red gas. The slide kicks back, and these guns generally have more recoil than any other airsoft gun type. The average recoil is 1/8 to 1/10 the real steel counterpart.

    LMG: Light machine guns are ironic to their name, because they're not very light. They are usually big and heavy, and have magazines which can hold large amounts of BBs. They are usually a type of gun which spray ammo everywhere, as a support gunner.

    SMG: Sub machine guns are like a mix between an assault rifle and a pistol. They can either be used as a sidearm or a primary weapon.

    BDU: Battle dress uniforms are uniforms in which a camo pattern is displayed. There are different types, but a BDU is just a general understanding.

    CQB: Players will battle each other in close quarters. Usually at fields, the FPS limit for CQB is about 325 - 350. You cannot use extremely powerful guns because it will hurt more at such close range.

    NOW, we can get into the interesting part...

    In airsoft, there are a ton of different gun models. Here are some I can name off the top of my head: TMP, AK47, Galil, M16, M4, 14, M60, Mac10, Mac11, SCAR, G36C, P90, F2000, M82, AK74, AK74U, AUG, SG550, SG551, SG552, GS3GS1, and a ton more...

    Some good brands for beginners are Cyma, Kart, J&G, Well, Umarex, and Echo 1.

    Some good brands for more advanced players are KWA, Magpul, Tokyo Marui, and Systema.

    Now, you must NOT use .12g BBs. They are a few dollars cheaper, but they will DESTROY the guns. .12g BBs are poorly made, horrible quality, and too lightweight. They will get crushed inside your gun and destroy its insides. Lightweight BBs blow in the wind and are less accurate. You MUST use BBs appropriate for your FPS.

    If your FPS is 275 to 350, use .20g.

    If your FPS is 325 to 375, use .23g.

    If your FPS is 350 to 425, use .28g.

    If your FPS is 425 to 450, use .30g.

    If your FPS is 450 to 500, use .30g+

    The best websites for airsoft are:





    The BAD websites:


    This is all I can really think of at the moment, I hope this helps. I've been writing it for 25+ mins...

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    Okay, althought the other person has a lot of information, you can get much better rifles than what is suggested there. For your price range, I would suggest a JG G36. It performs pretty well. The gun is also pretty durable. Don't really worry about metal, except for gearbox components. If you are fine with anything, I would suggest a KS P90 for closer range, a CYMA m14 for normal/extended range. You can get a pretty good range with the m14, but remember, it is just a rifle. Those are the models I would suggest if you are just geting into airsoft. The JG G36c is also a very good gun for beginning.

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    Okay, let's do this. First off I found this out myself today. AEG stands for automatic electric gun. LPEG's are low poa G3wer electric guns and should be avoided. They aren't really good. G36Gc's are good begging airsoft guns. I've never used one but a lot of friends have them and are great. Another good begging gun is the double eagle M4 (not sure the exact name but it's on amazoan for like $40) another thing. You should just by a kinda cheap gun to start off with to see if you like airsoft and just to get a feel for it. Ammo is cheaper for lower quality guns (Ex. the double eagle) because they don't have powerful internals and you can use cheap and light ammo. If you do get the G36c make sure you use atleast .20 gram bb's. UTG, and Well are pretty good brands for begginers. For professional airsoft players Deffinatly go with G&G. Remember with airsoft, you get what you pay for. Hands down goes for any gun. Plastic guns are kind of fragile and are not for people who will use them extensivly and roughly. I'm ordering an L96 that has a lot of metal and it's around 10 pounds. It shouldn't be too bad for me. but if you are under 5'5" then it might not be for you. The only parts that you really want metal are basically the internals (mainly the gearbox) and it's not neccesary but metal mags, and sling mounts are good too just because they can be broken quite easily. I think you should start out with something that isn't too spendy just to get used to airsoft. Then you should move up to something more advanced once you learn and get more into airsoft. Keep doing a lot of research. Airsoft is a great sport to play and can be a lor of fun. Good airsofting.

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