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What are some facts about the Titanic? Like the actual BOAT, not from the movie.?

I have to do A Research paper and I need some references to use. Any suggestions? I tried google but they give me facts bout the movie and not what actually happened -.-

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    Over 2200 are on the Titanic.

    It was made by the Irish, by Harland and Wolf.

    Put together in the same way as her slightly smaller sister, the olympic.

    3 million rivets hold her together.

    It set sail from Southampton.April 10th 1912.

    It avioded a collison when setting sail by the Ship "New York"

    If they had collided it would of been a different story.

    It was made (well the sister ships) where made to drive all other ocean liners OUT of buisness.

    The 3 sister ships where, TItanic, Olympic and the Britanic aka the Gigantic.

    Made in Belfast took 3 years.

    8 lives where lost in the making of the Titanic.

    She was equipped with the lates safety features which included..

    15 water tight bulk heads, connected together by state of the art electrically controlled doors.

    When finished her designers are so confident in the new ship they equipp her with just 2o life boats,

    Only enough for half.

    The press dubb her "Unsinkable"

    The Titanic is capable of 23 knotts.

    Titanic was just over 2/3 full.

    3rd class tickets cost 2 pound one way.

    ...about 2 weeks wages in them days...for an unskilled worker.

    White star lines best captain, Edward Smith. The camptain of the Olympic and Titanic.

    He wqas 62 and planned to retire after the Titanic to live off his well deserved pension in Hampshire with his wife.

    58 men endlessly shovel coal into 159 furnesses.

    The Titanic cost 100 million pound in today money.

    There you go, theres some facts. Theres plenty more aswell..

    Hope its of some use to you.

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    type "Titanic" in your search bar. pick the site that says "Titanic-history.com" it will tell you about the building of the ship.

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