Would I save much money on insurance, repairs and fuel if I switched from a Cadillac to a Lexus?

I have a 2005 STS Cadillac fully loaded v8.

Id like to switch to a 4 door sedan Lexus thats at least a 2005 year.

I pay $815 every 6 months on car insurance right now for owning a Cadillac.

I spend about $60 in gas 3 times per week and I dont even drive around much.

Repairs and parts are very expensive as well.

If I switched to a sedan Lexus - how much would I save approx?

Would it be worth it? Would I save enough to make the switch necessary?

BQ: Any other cars besides Lexus that i could switch to save money? Something nice.

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    8 years ago
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    It will probably cost you more, Repairs will, you might save a little on gas

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  • 3 years ago

    Prob be incredibly truthfully worth the swap, assuming the L's in good condition. The V6 '05 Caddy STS is amazingly not uncomplicated w/ Worse that nicely-known reliability in electric powered, suspension, engine cooling n means equip in accordance to CR magazine. The Lexus is the alternative for all yrs cept for the GX w/ not uncomplicated force device and the 06-07 hybrid w/ not uncomplicated electric powered. And a sedan could be lots greater useful on gas. Is that $one hundred eighty a week in gas? examine your tires for drastic underinflation, and the alignment being out of specification.

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