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New Mock draft 2.0 do you like the pick for your team?

1. Charlotte Anthony Davis- Obvious choice here, best player to build around

2. Washington- Micheal Kidd Gilchrist They are already set with big and gilchrist is the best player here him nene MKG and john wall is a good squad

3. Hornets- Thomas Robinson Hornets only weakness are their big men specially with Kaman out and Robinson is the best on the board

4. Cleveland- Bradley Beal They will look at drummond but beal is the safer pick and create one of the best backcourts in basketball with irving

5. Toronto - Harrison Barnes With Jonas V coming in next year their biggest weakness is the 3 and Barnes is a good player giving them a good core of Barnes Bargani, Valcounias, and Derozen

6. Portland- Andre Drummond with Camby and Oden gone they need a Center, a big center like Drummond will help Aldridge

7. Sacremnto- Cody Zeller I don't know if hes coming out but if he does hes the most talented player on the board

8. Detroit Jared Sullinger good bigman will play well next to monroe

9. Utah Jazz- Jeremy Lamb their biggest neeed is 2 guard and Lamb is the best available

10. Hornets- Tyler Zeller They Already got Robinson now they need another big man, they'll look at macadoo and henson but I think with robinson at 6'9 they're gonna want the size

11. Portland- Damien Lillard I think they still want to replace Felton and Lillard is the best poing guard on the board, could be a darkhorse to win MVP when hes playing with such good bigs

12. Milwakee- Jon henson Only thing the bukcs need to get them over the top is a center to replace bogut and Henson can do it for them

13. Phoniex- Kendall Marshall even if Nash return they need to be thinking post Nash and Marshall is a great pass first pg, but will struggle in phoniex untill they get some serious scorers

14. Utah Jazz- Perry Jones not a great pick for them they would love to get a pg but iany would be a reach here, I see them trading down but if not Jones is best player on board and can play the 3

15 Houston- James MacAdoo Rockets have been looking for a good big for a while since yao retired and they lost out on Gasol and MacAdoo is an absolute steal here

16. Nets- Terrence Jones Best player available at this point an can be used as a last attempt to whoo Deron williams

17. Denver- Arnett Moultrie if they let Mcgee go they will need another C still questioning why they traded nene

18- Houston Terrence Ross Now that they have MacAdoo and scola at the bigs and our loaded at pg once lowry is healthy I see them take Ross can play some 3 and back up k-mart

19. Philedelphia- Tony Mitchell they need a big man and Mitchell has been very impress at North texas

20.Memphis- Dion Waiters while its unknown what happen with OJ Waiters is a good scorer for them an a security if mayo leaves

21. Atlanta- Draymond Green- Would be a big upgrade at SF over Marvin williams, they will also look at leonard but this is the best choice

22. Boston- Meyer leonard and obvious choice for Boston the need a center, but it yet to be seen what they do in free agency they have mad cap space

23. Indiana- Quincy Miller simply best player available even if they have granger

24. Boston- Troy wroten- Now they have a big they take a combo guard to help replace Ray Allen

25. Orlando- Andrew Nicholson- Gives them a big body to help Howard specially with Anderson cotnract expiring, and i imagine him asking for too much

26- Cleveland- Fab melo now that they got a backcourt together that can light it up, they need a true center and melo is perfect

27.Golden State- Jeff Taylor-SInce they appear to have confidence in bogut at center their biggest weakness is the 3 and Taylor can provide an upgrade over right

28. Miami- Fetus Ezeli they need a Center and Ezeli can be just what they need

29. OKC- Marquis Teague- they are gonna need a backup point guard and teague is a good player can also play with westbrook makes them a verstitle team

30. Chicago Bulls- CJ Mccollum- Could be a good backcourt with rose, can play the 2 or play the point and have Rose play off balll, either way a dangerous combo

Please comment and critique


No I don't think that will be championship I think it will be SA over Miami but I just made it based on the standings now

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    Sixers, yeah we could use a big man because Brand is out the door soon.

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    8 years ago

    i honestly feel like the suns should trade up in the draft and possibly get a top 7 pick so they could focus on a rebuilding stage .btw i like how you think the finals are going to be the thunder vs the bulls with the bulls winning x)

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