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Does kmart sell good bras and undies?

If so what brand? If not where else is a good place that sells cheap good bras that's in Philadelphia ? And nothing like Victoria secret or forever 21 ( to far ) and I hae to woman to take me to those typs of stories ( uncle thinks it's a waste of time going all the way out there use for that) so please any help would be great! :)

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    You NEED to spend a little bit more for a GOOD FITTING BRA. Sometimes, bras on catalogs just plop there like a suit of armor!

    JC Penney, Macy's, Kohl's sometimes have bra fitters, not just Victoria's Secret.

    The difference with Victoria's Secret, they lift & separates, supports them and add cleavage the reason why many dresses & shirts don't look good unless you have ALL OF THAT.

    80% of women do not wear a good fitting bra.

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    Honestly, Walmart is the best cheap bras that I have found. I like the one that adds two cup sizes, plus they are cute. Underwear you can get from anywhere. I really like Victoria's Secret though. Also JC Penneys&Khols

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    i dont know if there is one in philadelphia but i know jc penny has very good quality and they are chep too

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    It depends

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    4 years ago

    I would like to know this too

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