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AS level History- What was Henry VIII's Foreign Policy?

What actually was Henry VIII's foreign Policy?

Was it so that ultimately England could become a country that wouldn't rely on other countries and to become the most powerful in Europe. So he became allies with spain, holy Roman Empire and the Pope?

Could anyone elaborate on this please?

Thank you.

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  • Lenny
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    His foreign policy was to prevent France and Spain (each one of those 2 countries was 4-5 times larger than England at that time) from uniting in the war against England.

    And he managed to keep those two countries fighting each other for decades.

    It was a successfully implemented policy.

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    No - he broke with Rome for his own reasons which put the realm in danger of an invasion from mainland Catholic Europe - he spent a lot of money building up defences and fortifications and founded the navy. Prior to this by dint of the Treaty of Westminster he had entered into an alliance against France with Spain - but his relations with Rome foundered when he was excommunicated by the Pope. It suited Henry to keep Spain and France at loggerheads so as to avoid them turning on England. Mary I would go on to marry Philip of Spain but relations would fall apart when Elizabeth I defeated the Armada.

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