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are there size limits for rides at Disneyland?

So my husband and I want to plan a family trip to Disneyland. When I say family trip, we mean at least 20 of us. Well... we have a niece who is on the larger side.. She wears like size 26 pants/46''-47"... she doesnt even look as if is really that big... our concern is that she wont be able to ride the rides because she wont fit in the safety straps. Ive read on some websites that people who are larger went on the rides okay. Does anyone have like real proof of this?

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    As long as the person fits and the safety device works, then they can go on the ride. All rides are different sizes, so it depends on the ride. There is no published max weigh because people can get fat in different places and one excessively big person may be able to ride, while another may not.

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    Taller people have more problems fitting into the ride vehicles than wider people: the tall folks' knees tend to get scrunched. Disney is very much aware of the average size of the American waistline and has recently upgraded some attractions to ensure continued rideability for larger persons. I'm on several Disney message boards and have yet to hear of a larger person who had any trouble.

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    Yeah I've been there a few times, I have been in rides behind a large gentleman who was allowed to ride and also I went when I was a freshman with a sophomore who was in Varsity football and was alignment. Big guy, push 300 lbs (well distributed though he had a lot of muscle but also some fat) and he was allowed to ride

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    Only very very large people don't fit. I'd say anyone under 300 lbs is a safe bet that they'll be able to ride everything. I'm sure she'd be fine.

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