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Describe the state of Maryland in one word?

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    Varied - Maryland topography goes from flat sea level through hilly to low mountain ranges of about 3,000 feet in the west. Economically the western to counties and much of the eastern part is somewhat poor. The middle, Baltimore/Frederick is on the generally wealthier side, while Montgomery County is one of the Wealthiest in the nation. Maryland is famous for their crabs and oysters. They are about the best there is.

    Source(s): Grew up in Maryland.
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    no lobster there

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    "Maryland-y" or "Maryland-ish"

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    to edit 2ed comment Maryland is poor. lol but not that poor it depends where.

    3rd comment Maryland-y or Maryland-ish. lol that's very funny. :]

    4th comment Lobster isn't that good in Maryland you would have to go up farther like Maine or Massachusetts to get good Lobster.

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