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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 8 years ago

Same sex "marriage" vs "civil union" terminology validity?

for the sake of a school debate i was wondering if i had constitutional grounds to say that same sex marriage and civil unions are not equal even if they both provide the same rights. I want to argue that separate but equal is not actually equal and same sex marriage needs to be legally called marriage and not civil union. Do i have any constitutional grounds for this if the rights given to each are the same (other than the names)? I would like to draw a parallel to black integration and how the jim crow laws were unequal even though both blacks and whites theoretically got the same services

i know my opponent will turn this on me when i bring up the equal protection clause so how can i get by this?

for example in brown v board of education separate but equal was declared a violation of Equal Protection clause because the facilities of blacks and whites were different. Can i apply this to the terminology somehow??

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    You have the concept correct. Separate is NOT equal, it's as simple as that. Read the ruling of the judge in the California case, he states it very clearly and simply.

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