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life coaching please?

step and ways to get your goals and dreams...

I wrote down 5 problems in my life ...

then 5 goals..

then 5 ways to get them...

any thing else??

I worte what used to make me happy Ic ant do right now because I dont havea job.

I wrote what I may do and how I can be happ[y and what makes me happy, also who bothers me.

anything else?

I relaized I have a ton of collection of stuff....

Ic hanged and keep these collections....of movie memorabilia...books. posters. all sorts of stuff. any advice !! thanks much.

I'm very very uptight. eveyrone gets on my nerves.

and I am starting to hate people I feel are incompetant or not perfect in my vision. bt I love and admire certain women i find attractive. but out of respect I wont try to womanize them, sinse then I have been single.. however I cannot stand being around too many non whites and they populate eveyr major city and are in control of establishments all because of the jews.

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    hey i'm jewish! what in the world did i have to do with any of this??????

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    Its hard to determine exactly what you are asking.... also your last statement... Are you serious?

    It sounds like you need to let go. Life is all about letting go of control. Take skiing for example, a beginner will try to use all their strength to fight against the mountain and in return ends up looking silly, going slow, and gets sore. However, by letting go and learning to flow with the mountain does one truly come to enjoy skiing.

    The same thing goes with everything in life. You need to learn to flow. Instead of looking at other people with judgements, simply let those thoughts free. Your mind is very difficult to control and takes a lot of practice. But for starters simply don't give stupid judging thoughts any mind. Just move on.

    And one last, hopefully useful piece of advice. Life doesn't make sense when you sit and think about it. It makes sense when you are running. So instead of contemplating happiness. Get off your butt and pick some weeds.

    Good luck and don't blame nothing on anybody.

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