erratic oil pressure?

2003 chevy impala. 3.8l. Oil pressure gage erratic throughout driving range. Engine had over-heated because of blown plastic elbow. ELbow replaced, no coolant leaks. Smell oil burning cannot find a leak. Ant suggestions on reason for oil gage swing.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Oil pressure gages didn't come as standard equipment on 2003 Chevy Impalas. Water temperature yes but oil pressure no. Open the manual in the glove compartment to learn what the gages are and how to read them.

    Tell Robert to crap in his hat! The factory recommended engine oil viscosity is 5W-30 in 2003 Chevrolet Impalas. When used without mixing with other antifreeze chemical types and keeping the coolant recovery bottles half full there has never been a problem with the factory recommended Dexcool antifreeze. GM has been using Dexcool since 1995 through 2012.

    Source(s): W-30Alignment, suspension and brake shop.
  • 9 years ago

    Remove the oil pressure sensor and clean the muck out of it with Gumout and Sea Foam spray. You have been using cheap oil change bargain specials, haven't you. Not oils are the SAME by any means, and only SYnthetic oil is recommended for most later day car types. Flush out ALL the factory coolant, and install either Mercedes YELLOW or AUDI ROSE coolant. Dexcool can begin to eat at engine gaskets. Type DEXCOOL into the BING search engine for more info and HUGE list of complaints. Check your COOLANT level for signs of sludge, and get a good look into your radiator, if you can. RMI25 cleaner will restore most Dexcool problems by flushing out the bad chemicals in it. GOOD LUCK!! Older 3.8 lkitere engines were famous for oil pump failure due to distortion of the oil pump housings and sticking pressure relief valves. Get a good MOTR FLUSHING, and switch over to Mobil On 0W-30 synthetic oil, or PENNZOIL ULTRA synthetic, AFTER the motor flush. NEVER use quik iol change centers that feature wax based oil, or regular oil, if you want your engine to LAST!!! GOOD LUCK!!

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    I would but another gage on it, to see if its the gage it self

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