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How to do a Frank Sinatra impersonation?

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    Buy a good, dark suit. Frank Sinatra almost always wore suits in public, with gold cufflinks flashing and a white linen handkerchief tucked in his breast pocket. On many of his albums, he wears a fedora, positioned at a jaunty angle.

    When you sing, stand straight, but non-chalant, with your shoulders slightly hunched. Lean slightly forward on certain key phrases. Maintain eye contact with the audience. Make with the lighthearted patter between songs. You might drop some signature Sinatra phrases like "Ring-a-ding-ding" and "It's a gasser."

    Practice. You will need to memorize many of Frank Sinatra's songs, and you'll need to sound like him and impersonate his stage presence and mannerisms. Sinatra is one of the most well known musicians in the world, so you'll need lots of practice to make your impersonation credible.

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    Hang around Sam Giancana.

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