Woodworking tools: hand plane?

I'm looking to get into woodworking and was trying to gather the necessary tools. I'm interested in small projects like boxes, etc. and would like to use hand tools mainly. I'm a little confused about hand planes just because of the sheer variety. Being on a limited budget, I'd like to know if there is one type of hand plane that would be adequate and versatile enough to work on most small projects. Thank you

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    Welcome to the world of woodworking. I started this as a hobby several years ago, and have found for most things when starting off I needed two planes: a mid-length smoothing plane and a small block plane. The block plane is useful for taking sharp edges off of the wood, and can be used with one hand. It's also handy for make small plane cuts across the end grain.

    The combination I have ended up using the most is a Stanley Bailey 1-12-004 smoothing plane and a Stanley 1-12-220 block plane. I've given you links below for these, just using one of several online suppliers in the UK. It's one I haven't used and I have no connection with them, it's just to illustrate the planes.

    I also have a little Stanley RB5 block plane: it's nowhere near as sturdy as a proper block plane, but it is useful if you need to go right in to a corner on something, as the blade can be set right along one edge.

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