Why don't you see any African-Americans hosting Save the Children commercials?

Why do only white people get involved in charity, even when it's for African children? At least Oprah built a school over there, but she mostly just gave away cars to American middle class housewives.


And her school turned out to be a failure to say the least.

Update 2:

@ Frank S: Your definition of "success" is child rapes?

Update 3:

@ Frank S: I'm not getting into straw man arguments with you. Let's get back to my question now, shall we?

Update 4:

My point is that Oprah and other African-Americans have done little, if anything for Africa.

Update 5:

@ Frank S: You're babbling. Stop.

Update 6:

@ OGUN: You had a good point until you said that blacks don't do charity because you think it makes you look bad. That's the worst excuse I've ever heard.

Update 7:

@ OGUN: I love how you're trying to explain to me how white people think.

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  • OGUN
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    9 years ago
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    Save the Children and many other charity are conduits for poverty pimping. The elite puppet politicians of these nations let these organizations in their nations to tug at the heart strings of caring people with images of malnourished children with flies buzzing around their heads and on their faces languishing away in a festering cesspool. When the money is collected the politicians get their cut, the "administration and logistics" fees are paid and what little is left goes to the people. The better question to ask is even when billions of dollars of aid is given to these nations why aren't things getting any better? These nations still face unimaginable poverty because the leaders of these nations want it that way. It's easy money.

    That one reason you don't see African Americans host these shows. Second when African Americans try to raise money for Africans it seen as begging. When white people try to raise money for poor impoverished children it's seen as God's work. Nothing is a more powerful to the white community than doing something to erase the stigma of racism that's stains the community. To be white and labeled or called a racist is almost fighting words..Therefore white people arm themselves with so called goods deeds to combat claims of being racist. Ultimate cash cow guilt trip for these organizations.

    Edit: Anon...I didn't say Black DON'T do charity..Blacks do all kinds of charities...What I said is in this instance when it comes to doing charity for these kinds of organizations they would rather not use Blacks because to the target demographic (whites) it looks like begging could from Blacks. The appeal will not be the same. Black people are perceived as asking for yet another hand out in the minds of many whites. Therefore these organizations don't use Black people as there pitchmen because at the end of the day it's about separating white people from their money..

    Edit: I love how you think you know Black people...Bottom line worry about what your own people are doing and keep it moving...Black people create our own charitable foundations, not get involved in scams like Save the Children and other money pits trying to attract white dollars...

  • 9 years ago

    I live a few miles away from that school. And you are talking BS. The school had a few incidents a few years ago, but it was a great success. To be honest though, it is not only Africans that suffer from poverty these days, and it is not only whites that contribute.

    ADD: Anyway the whole charity thing in the USA is a farse. People get tax benefits when they donate..

    EDIT : It was not Oprah that raped a child, Some teacher allegedly molested some girl. It does happen at schools all over. It is sick, but not unique to Oprah school, and the teacher got kicked out.

    EDIT: I gave you the answer. You did not ask a question, you showed your ignorance and racism, by rather making a statement than asking a question. Go to sleep now, you are clearly on drugs or something.

    EDIT : Do live in Africa? Have you ever been to Africa? I do live in Africa, and I can tell you that you are basing your "question" on urban legends.

  • 4 years ago

    common. funds, funds, funds. whilst there is funds, you are able to construct solid, extreme high quality college to coach infants. you are able to desire to settle for that the "Ghetto mama" and her "Thuggish" boyfriend will by no ability exchange, yet supply the youngster the present of awareness...the capability to over come each thing they have been shown to be ok like violence and medicines. regrettably, a lot of those comparable politicians say the right comparable issues I say...and then pass supply tax breaks to Fortune 500 agencies...and whilst it is the case, that's a perplexing cycle to interrupt. i won't be able to verify it changing...somewhat whilst frequent racist like jeff classes are interior the senate controlling the handbag. unhappy, unfair international, isn't it? what's much extra unhappy are people who blame detrimental african human beings for being detrimental and that they could desire to 'pull themselves up'. it is not their fault they have been born into poverty. that's like blaming a rape sufferer for being raped. How can every person act on their solid, tendencies if all they are surrounded through is people who do the different, habitually? that's notably darn perplexing. In manny of those places, you connect the group, or...properly, you fairly do no longer choose to no longer. that's a perplexing life...yet blond, properly off whites like myself, think of they comprehend it. I call those human beings willfully ignorant. no longer purely like the detrimental, they chosen to be stupid and that i don't have any sympathy for persons who chosen to be blind.

  • 9 years ago

    Perhaps it's because they think that the charity is for them... who knows? Maybe they just don't care, because they feel they have no real ties with Africa anymore.

    @The Real Southern Belie, what the hell is wrong with you? You are so self centred, GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!!

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  • 9 years ago

    ikr there mostly white i think its a skim i think the money goes to the company and not the people

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You're being too sensitive and you're over thinking it, this probably hasn't even crossed their minds.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don't see those commercials on anymore.

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