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T J asked in SportsCricket · 8 years ago

Its been one year since India's WC win, how has the team of 15 done since? Pl read details--?

MS Dhoni (C)---Still Captain but lucky to survive 2 whitewash overseas series.

Sachin Tendulkar---Struggled for the whole year,before achieving 100th ton against Bangladesh.

Virender Sehwag---Out injured & dropped presently.

Gautam Gambhir---Struggled for a long period, getting back to some form now.

Yuvraj Singh---We know what he is going th. don't need to say anything.

Suresh Raina--He hasn't been in a great form since.

Virat Kohli---Only bright spot, as he has become a great batsman.

Yusuf Pathan (all-rounder)--No longer a certainty in the team,got injured & struggling.

Zaheer Khan---Faced career threatening injury but made a comeback,though not successful.

Ashish Nehra---Injured himself for the umpteenth time & looks out forever now.

Munaf Patel---Don't know why he has disappeared.

Praveen Kumar/Sreesanth--Praveen didn't play, Sree injured since & out for a long time.

Harbhajan Singh---Lost form & out of the team for a very long time.

R. Ashwin---Reasonably successful & part of the team since.

Piyush Chawla---Disappeared after the WC.

What is this, apart from 3-4 players, rest of the team seems to have been jinxed, ever since.

Do you think this team will reassemble & win another tournament or is it finished, that too in a short period of 12 months.

What could be the reasons behind this & congratulations to all Indian cricket fans, for the completion of India's 1 year reign.

PL share your cricketing thoughts & save yourself the jealousy pangs, we are already feeling bad about this winning team & some of its players, going th. hell ever since, good luck to them..

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    One can find far too many reasons for this. The rift between the seniors, the coach but I'd say lack of fighting spirit, and over dependence on Zaheer Khan and batting line up. When both failed, India failed.

    When India landed in England, there were a lot of expectations. India, IMO started off well. As much as I remember, England were batting first. They lost 2 wickets for near around 50 runs or so. But again something to be noted. Both the wickets were provided by Zaheer Khan. And soon, he became injured.

    Soon after, the whole story changed. Pieterson along with his mates took the game away.

    The same story in another test. Half the side gone for around 100 runs yet they managed 250. then, India playing fairly well, but a hat-trick from Broad and then two more bundled India for around 270.

    The couldn't put up a fight since then. Lost all matches.

    The first day of the first test match in Australia, Australia bundled out for around 270. India were around 200-3. Sachin and Dravid playing a good knock. I remember, I was in my uncle's house, in Lucknow to attend a marriage ceremony, and along with some of my relatives and cousins I was watching the match. We were quite enjoying it. An inning defeat was what my cousin predicted, and huh, we couldn't even win it. A batting collapse, then a bowling one and again a batting and it was all but over.

    Same as England for the rest of the series. India didn't looked the same team anymore. Lost all, yet again.

    So, to me it seems that, firstly they lack a certain hunger for a win. Secondly, over-dependence on certain players. Thirdly, being carried away by the seniors, and their performance, I mean too much attention being payed to it.

    Edit: Too many chances being given to certain players like Rohit Sharma and R.Jadeja and too few to some like V.Aaron and A.Rahane.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    IMO No players should take their position for granted, not specifically when one has not performed. Just based on performance in the last two years outside of subcontinent, Shewag does not deserve place in the team when India is touring ENG, SA, AUS.

    And I doubt if Manoj Tiwary would ever get a match to play as long as the over sensationalized Dhoni remains captain.... Even if he does he might have to score a 100 to retain his place..... BTW he scored 100+ in the last match against WI. But didn't get a chance during Aus tour.

    But if Rohit/Raina/Jadeja makes a 20 run score then they can stay in the team... So according to Dhoni -:: Raina 20 = Jadeja 20 = Rohit 20 = Tiwari 100 !!!!

    Is this justice ????

    I'm still wondering what should be our playing

    11 for T20 WC???

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    We should bring back Munaf and Sreesanth in place of Vinay and Dinda......

    Also Tiwari instead of Raina.....

    Raina played 146 ODIs and Rohit played 80 ODIs but they are still struggling to cement their place...

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  • MVP
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    8 years ago

    All i have to say is



    I always hated him... because he was starting to be considered great.... Have u seen him play??? Pfft...... great my behind....

    He was sometimes compared to bradman, other times richards LMAO!

    What happened sehwag? now dropped.... awwww guess u r no bradman or richards.....

    Sorry.. I just reallly hated him to no end because he was praised so much. Maybe it was the indian media that praised him a lot.... but in my opinion a person with his technique should not be allowed to play in pro level.... Yes i know he scored 2 triples... u dont need to give me his stats.

    But scoring big runs after every 5-10 innings isnt that good..... that too when u r in touch??? When players r in touch they constantly perform. Almost every innings.

    Its not gulli danda- Its cricket.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    India are in a slide and denial and have to rebuild soon, no bowlers, old players, inept management.

    But you only want agreement with your view and threaten to set up special account to attack persons that disagree with your view, do you not? Please keep a cool head, having you rants removed again is to much trouble and will see you suspended.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


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