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Would you be surprised if Green Bay's defense ranked top 5 next season?

Now I myself find the way defenses are graded very questionable. Why do we rank majorally based upon yards rather than points? I was under the impression points were a much better indicator of a game's outcome, is that not the case? Teams such as the Packers and Patriots ranked horribly in yards allowed (32 and 31st respectively) and yet the Patriots ranked 14th and the Packers 18th in points allowed. This ranking is also a bit skewed against Green Bay considering they played their last game without Pro-Bowlers Clay Matthews or Charles Woodson, excluding this game would move them be ranked 13th overall.

Considering Green Bay's stellar 2010 defensive ranking as well as their clear focus towards improving their defense this offseason it would be unreasonable to expect their defense to remain awful in 2012. They clearly have talent on that side of the ball and if Nick Collins can return that could make all the difference. They have a strong secondary (look at the talent they have at that area on the field) and at least half their front 7 figured out.

Let's be honest, this defense led the league in interceptions by far and tied for first in overall turnovers. Not only was this defense putting the ball into their offense's hands more frequently than al but their co-turnover champions (San Francisco), they were putting the ball into the hands of Aaron Rodgers that frequently. Turnovers decide games, especially when given to an offense and lethal as Green Bay's.

Does Green Bay's defense have problems? Obviously, but I feel some exaggerate this weakness to make it much more grave of an issue than it is. One more quality pass rusher to compliment Matthews and this defense goes from opportunistic to extraordinarily dangerous.


Sorry, I've just become fed up with a lot of sports blogs and needed to rant for a while.

Update 2:

Sorry, I've just become fed up with a lot of sports blogs and needed to rant for a while.

Update 3:


Matthews, Pickett, and Woodson were not injured. They were inactive because Green Bay already had the #1 seed locked up. They were completely healthy and ready to play if McCarthy would've allowed it.

Update 4:


Dom Capers, Green Bay's defensive coordinator, is a defensive genius. Before his arrival our defense was ranked 23rd and even worse in points allowed, in his first year our defense rose to be ranked 9th. The next year our defense was ranked 4th. I'm gonna go ahead and say some other factors other than our DC are going on here.

Also, New Orleans and Green Bay will not play eachother this upcoming season unless they meet in the playoffs.

Update 5:


Nick Collins isn't even 30 yet. You might want to edit that part out. Charles Woodson isn't old, he's 36. 36 is usually old, but old is only an ample definition if your game has regressed. Woodson simply refuses to regress at all and has been a dominant defensive force every year he's been with Green Bay. Morgan Burnett is a playmaker when he doesn't have a caste on his arm. Desmond Bishop is one of the better ILB in the league. Hawk is overrated, that I agree with. Tramon Williams is excellent for a #2 CB and, as it is, is better than many #1's.

Update 6:

@Rave Nation

Other than Cullen Jenkins, this is the same group of guys that were a top 5 defense in 2010. I think you're just jelly of our defense's knack for grabbing interceptions.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You give Capers credit when they do good but absolve him of anything bad going on.Please tell me how anyone believed it was a good idea not to rush Favre his first year with the Vikings?

    +Woodson and others even complained about this.Favre did his worst when pressured..Amazeingly that was 2 losses!

    We lost a great pass rusher by the name of Aaron Kampman because of his switching defensive personal around like they are a beer league softball team.Mathews was top rated pass rusher now they are switching him around as well.A whole 6 sacks last year.That is because they are not useing him where his talant is best.

    Did ya see how much time Manning had in the playoffs? A few plays there were 2 players rushing a line of 5 and Manning was picking apart the Packers.

    That is a direct result of play calling.

    Ya talk about the turnovers and I agree that is the better part of the defense.Bottom line is they were one of the worst rated defenses in the NFL.Haveing Mathews play back and Woodson rushing is not the answer.The defense can not expect Rodgers and company to carry them all the time.

    If ya look they did not shut down any good QB last year.They had success against guys like Orton, and Ponder.But when guys like Newton,Brees and Stafford played against them they had their way with them

    Like I said they can't depend on the offense to carry them all the time.

  • 9 years ago

    I'd be very surprised if they're highly ranked next year. Teams with offenses that pass a lot, that can score quickly and score lots of points (like Green Bay has) rarely have defenses that rank near the top of the league simply because when you score a lot that means you give the ball back to the opponent more often so the opponent has an opportunity to gain more yards and score more points too. Even if the opponent loses 41-28, the defensive stats just show that the team gave up 28 points etc.

  • Cruse
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    I wouldn't be surprised at all, I'm actually expecting that. Green Bay actually has one of the most talented defenses, they just had a disaster of a 2011 season. Let's not forget that they were the 5th ranked defense (5th pass, 18th rush, 2nd scoring) in 2010. Also they were the 2nd ranked defense (5th pass, 1st rush, 7th scoring) in 2009. I know that's the past but they still have, in general, the same players on defense as in 2009 and 2010. I believe they fell off last season because they got too comfortable on relying on the offense. In 2012, I believe Green Bay's defense will return to dominance.

    Source(s): Also, Green Bay and New Orleans actually will play this upcoming season. They both won their divisions last year.
  • 9 years ago

    I would be surprised. When they won the superbowl their defense was rated number 6 overall unfortunately this year it was ranked number 32. Now I do believe they could turn around and be a top 10 defense because of players like Clay Matthews and B.J Raji. I think they relied to heavily on Aaron Rodgers this past year and got complacent. If they get back to where they were 2 years ago at their peak (when I say peak im referring to this group of players not of any group) they can probably make 6th but breaking into 5th is unlikely with teams like the Steelers, Ravens, Texans, Giants, 49ers,and so on in the game.

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  • 9 years ago

    Maybe not top 5, but definitely top 15/top 10. In two years time maybe top 5. The thing was, we didnt have a terrible defense last season, we just got such big leads that opponents started targetting big plays to get back into games. Dom Capers has taught this 3-4 defense to be 'soft' which means to lure the quarterback into interceptions and have a venomous goaline defense. With a 3-4, you arent going to get to the quarterback as often as a 4-3, its a fact. Finding 3-4 players is also 10x harder. We had the best turnover ratio, and were 15th or so in points allowed, so the defense was fine. The only concern was the after-catch defense, which needs to improve. Honestly, if they tighten up on their pass rush, and continue to take the ball away, i have no problems with our defense, as long as they step up in the playoffs, which is more about motivation than individual play. I'm convinced we would've taken care of new york if the offense wasnt rusty. They put 37 on the board. So? In regular season we put 38 on their board. Get Jordy Nelson more starts, he's better than Victor Cruz. We'll be fine mate. I could go on for hours, but trust me, get that pass rush coming from both sam and will linebackers and we'll be taking the ball away. And even if we dont, so what? Its hard to win when theres 35 points on your board, let them have their yardage. We scored 51 touchdowns this season.

  • ?
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    With all due respect, you have to be kidding.

    When I watch the Green Bay Packers play defense, I see a bunch of confused dudes running around devoid of any kind of structure. If their offense hasn't scored that many points a game they could have easily finished 10-6.

    Source(s): NFL fan for 24 years
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    you cant exclude games and greenbay isnt the only team that had injuries last year. the stats are the stats, nothing you can do about it. if they dont do anything to upgrade their defense or hire a different def coordinator then i dont see how their defense can improve. i am hoping that the addition of a new def coordinator in new orleans will make a positive difference in their defensive play. and im hoping greenbay and new orleans play again this year. i looked at their opponents when it came out but dont recall if yall are on it. hope so. im sure it will be a great game like their last meeting was.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes I would be very surprised.

    You have three quality players on defense. Raji, Matthews, and Woodson (who is old as dirt). Maybe if you draft another DE and CB in the draft but top 5? Really?

    Collins is old as dirt, Hawk is overrated, and you only have 1 CB.

    Top 15 maybe.

  • DB-C
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Yes, their pass offense scores so fast that the opponent gets a lot of drives, even if they had the Ravens defense it would be hard to rank top 5.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well I think both teams had times where they let their opponent score MAJOR points on them, but I see what you're saying, and I agree. It shouldn't be focused on how many yards the opponent puts up, because yards ultinately won't make them win.

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