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What kind of dogs are these in this picture with Mae West?

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    Without question these are Mae West's white Borzois. Although the photo you've presented looks more like the Saluki (the body and skull conformation, coat, ear placement and "feathering"), another photo captured at the same time with a better profile view of one of them (found on the site whose source link I've provided at the end of my answer) does confirm Borzoi.

    You can't really go based on only height in the initial photo you presented because Mae West was only about 5'0", and in 1935, Salukis were also quite the rage in the celebrity community:

    However, along with a Bulldog, Mae West was well known to own two beautiful white did other stars like Jean Harlow.

    Here is a site that offers an additional photo of Mae West and her two Borzois...along with other celebs and their Borzois (just scroll down the page).

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    They are Borzoi; Salukis aren't that big and never had the curly hair.

    When Mae West was famous, Borzoi were THE fashion accessory.

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  • That is most definitely NOT a Saluki. That is a Borzoi.

    Saluki -

    Borzoi -

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    At first i though Salukis but the ears are too short, maybe Borzoi? Some of those sighthounds are hard to tell apart.

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    They look like borzois to me.

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    They look like Salukis.

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