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Deal to get control of Iran.Would this work????????????????

Considering Iran developing nuclear capabilities in the name of energy after this is done it could easily enrich uranium to the point of developing nuclear warheads.Knowing Iran and how islamic radicals run the country.Could the US take over Iran by making a deal with China to give China control over Iran's natural resources,and give the US control over Iran's political system.China's energy needs increase by the amount needed by the whole of the United Kingdom every year to power its economy.Would China agree to such a deal or does it hate the US so much it would have no interest in giving the US control in an Asian country.With the two biggest superpowers in the world Iran would be one less problem in terms of nuclear war.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    To put it The US is not going to take over Iran, China's not going to bother Iran either they get 2/3 of their oil from Iran. China's not going to mess with the US either; we're a huge part of their black market economy and their economy since most of our big corporations have gone to China anyway because the labor is cheaper. Ahmadinejad does NOT control Iran, the Mullahs do, he's just a mouthpiece and Israel can handle Iran, they defeated Egypt, Jordan and Syrian forces within 6 days back in 1967. Israel knows how to fight.

  • 9 years ago

    I would go back to just listening a while longer.

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