Any music fans out there? I'm looking for an album from my childhood?

My father was really in to music, had a library of CD albums. And there was always my favorites.

The one I'm trying to find has cover artwork of the sea, and the dark blue silhouette of a horse head. As for the first song on the CD, It might just be conjured up by my memory, but I'm pretty sure it was singing about a horse in the sea too? It was a love song though I think, and It was a male singing.

I'm trying to relive fond childhood memories. Please help me...?


I FOUND IT! I found it with some help from my mum. The album/song is 'Wide River' by Steve Miller :D

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  • Keith
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    8 years ago
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    I don't know why, but I'm thinking possibly an old Neil Young album... If it comes to me I'll be back.

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