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what happened with Dr. Jeckyll in CSI?

My family and I were talking about the past few seasons, and none of us can remember out how the whole dr. jeckyll series turned out. did they find out who it was or is it still unknown?

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  • jencsi
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    8 years ago
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    This is a summary of that episode, the season 10 finale "Meat Jekyll" aired May 2010. Normally I can recall what happened but there was a lot that went on so I feel safer giving you this summary.

    With no leads on serial killer Dr. Jekyll, Catherine decides to bring in “Dick and Jane Killer” Nate Haskell, who called Langston claiming he knows who Jekyll is. Haskell only wants to talk to Langston, and once across from the CSI, he requests a steak dinner in exchange for the first clue. He points Langston in the direction of evidence collected from a dresser drawer in his house. The evidence is retrieved and the CSIs discover a piece of bow tie pasta, an elegant loop around it made out of pasta. The CSIs compare it to an autopsy picture of Jekyll victim Joey Bigalow’s tied intestines and find the work to be identical. Haskell is telling the truth. Haskell tells Langston and Brass he met Jekyll eleven years ago after being served the artful pasta at a restaurant. Recognizing Jekyll’s talent, Haskell asked to meet the chef and found him to be “mad as a hatter”—and a promising young killer. Haskell adds that all of Jekyll’s victims were at the restaurant. Catherine visits Joey’s old agent, Marty Felnick, to ask if Joey played any restaurant gigs eleven years ago, and Felnick recalls that he did, but only recalls the general area the restaurant was in. Greg finds a picture of Jekyll victim Jack Herson at a restaurant named Vinetti’s, which he used to frequent. Catherine, Langston, Sara and Greg go to the closed down restaurant and find pictures of all of the victims on the wall. Henry Andrews does some research and learns all three owners of the restaurant are dead. He also obtains a list of everyone who ever worked at the restaurant.

    Langston works on getting Haskell to give up more information, finally having to get the serial killer a stripper in order to get him to give up a name: Carlo Perini. The name turns out to be a dead end: Perini is in jail serving a five-year sentence. Langston is surprised when Henry tells him there’s a package for him from his father—who has been dead for ten years. The CSIs go over the package carefully, finally deeming it safe to open. When they do, they gingerly remove the contents: a piece of meat with drawings and writing on it. Doc Robbins recognizes the ID number for a John Doe in the morgue on the meat, and the CSIs race to the body, finding a wound on it consistent with laproscopic surgery. Nick wonders if the intestine found in Joey was actually meant for this man, but Jekyll botched the surgery. At Vinetti’s, Sara and Greg are able to identify the dead man as a Ukrainian businessman named Yuri Greshenko, who is pictured on the wall of fame. Greg also finds blood on the cutting table in the kitchen, confirming Vinetti’s is Jekyll’s operating room. Turning to Yuri’s possessions, the CSIs discover an IVC filter and Langston deciphers a message on the meat as a surgical term. Greg pulls a propeller from the package, and Langston surmises Jekyll is going to insert the IVC and propeller into a victim to burst a vein, which would kill the victim slowly and painfully.

    After Hodges identifies the meat Jekyll sent as a specific dish, prosciutto di parma, the CSIs focus their search on high end restaurants where former employees of Vinetti’s work. Langston and Nick check out DiMasa and find the owner, Giovanni “Papa” DiMasa there balancing the books. He invites them in, and calls for his son Charlie, a cook at the restaurant, to bring them wine. DiMasa appears to be in some pain, but he dismisses it when the CSIs notice it. At the lab, Catherine learns DNA on the meat is a filial match for the septic appendix found in Jekyll victim Bernard Higgins. When Nick learns DiMasa recently had his appendix removed, he tells Langston to get the man to a hospital and goes after Charlie—only to get shot when Charlie comes out wielding a shotgun. Langston and DiMasa duck for cover as Charlie tells Langston he got there too early. Eager for Langston to witness the death of his father, who robbed him of his dream to be a doctor, Charlie keeps them trapped behind a table. Langston tells Charlie about his own father to buy time for Nick, who is injured, to reach for his gun. Langston gets up, drawing Charlie out—just in time for Nick to shoot him dead. Nick is taken to the hospital and his colleagues visit, relieved to see he’s going to be okay. Langston reports that DiMasa is going to be fine as well. Langston returns to the lab to bid farewell to Haskell, but before he can leave, Haskell grabs him and stabs him with a weapon he fashioned from the arm of his glasses! Langston slides to the floor, bleeding…

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  • Lesia
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    4 years ago

    I worked with a doctor in the ER and he reminded me a little of Dr. House. Very arrogant and no bedside manner. I don't know if he was effective as I was never a patient of his (YEA), but as far as I know he still works there.

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