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Does Walmart sell all natural, organic products? What about Giant Food Stores in PA?

I live in PA and would really like to start eating all natural, organic products. This decision came on after watching the movie, "Food Inc." and now I want to only eat products that are all natural and (for the little bit of dairy I eat) from animals that were pasture-fed and raised on a farm. Other than one small store out near my Walmart, there are no natural food stores around me. Walmart and Giant Food Stores are much more accessible for me, so does anyone know if Walmart and/or Giant Food Stores sell all natural, organic fruits and vegetables and have other all natural, organic products (such as breads, rice, etc)? Maybe even vegan products that mimic dairy products? Thanks so much.

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    Nice, you saw Food INC but still don't get it. Buy locally, not from the chain stores that sell industrial Organics (and BTW Natural has no regulations as does Organic and thus means nothing-natural foods can be made from GMO, animals fed drugs and have synthetics in them). Wal-mart sells some products but no meat maybe 20 different kinds of produce and a some canned/packaged good plus dairy (but from Horizon foods that factory farms their cows and is barely Organic, even industrial Organics). Expect to pay more in order to buy Organics

    This is not about convenience as that is what got us into this whole bad food deal. you want to change you will have to work for it and start researching eating locally. Organic is a good first step but it is a small first step. Buying locally from farmers that manage their farms organically or well beyond if the big step and no, it is nit easy as these farms are not open 24/7, will not have everything in one convenient place, meaning you may have to do some driving to get everything you want.

    One of the best resources for local foods on the web is Check it out and you will find you have a lot of options within 25 miles of where you live (PA Has a lot of farm and markets selling nothing but locally raised foods, a lot of it Organically grown). It will be up to you to learn about food and farming so you can ask the right question (asking if a farm is Organic will too often get a "Yes" answer even if they are not organic and do use synthetic fertilizers, etc.. You must know enough about organic farm management yo ask questions about how they farm so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you will spend money to buy their stuff)

    Eating locally and in season ain't always easy but it is very much worth it.

    Source(s): I have been eating locally for over 20 years and also grow for my local market and have had a CSA for the past 15 years
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    Source(s): Perfect Paleo Recipe Guide :
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  • quaker
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    3 years ago

    Does Walmart Carry Organic Produce

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  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    No my mother buys all breads,eggs,and meats from Whole Foods. Whole Foods is a very organic and healthy super-market. You should base your diet on foods from Whole Foods. If you just wanted a simple snack then maybe Wal-Mart would be an idea.

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