Left 4 Dead or Dead Island?

I already have Left 4 Dead 2. So do not suggest it. I have already beaten the campaign at least 5 times. Should I buy L4D or Dead Island?

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  • Scrote
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    8 years ago
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    Depends, do you have online?

    Dead Island isn't very much fun by yourself (at least not for long). You will eventually want another player to join you. However, the gore is fantastic. The game world is beautifully crafted, the vehicles drive decently, and the game holds a lot of zombie-survival aspects to heart. Here are a few facts about Dead Island:

    1) If you like Borderlands, you'll like dead island. It is like BL, but with zombies. Both are almost identical in features.

    2) The game makes zombie survival easy. If you have a tall object, like a truck to stand on...the zombies cant reach you. If you throw a propane tank, you'll automatically pull out a gun and aim at the tank. The game simplifies these things, especially during the times where you'll be slammed with mobs of zombies. However, the game doesn't hold your hand. If you make a poor choice, you'll endure the consequences severely.

    3) the game's world is diverse. You can fight in a resort, a city, a jungle, a ruined temple, and a laboratory. The last location will be secret...you find out for yourself. All areas are massive in size.

    4) The currency system gives the game an edge. You earn and find money to buy weapons, junk to create weapons, to upgrade weapons, and to repair weapons. You can also sell items you find for money.

    5) The gore is realistic. The bodies' skin break apart over abuse, until you see muscle and even bone. You can break limbs, which reward points, and each character has special moves to fight zombies.

    6) Once you reach a certain point with your character, you can restart a new game with the same character at any time and level prior to your original character. That means, if your friend wants you to play but he's only level 12 and you're level 38, you can make another character at level 12 to play more closely at his side.

    7) Lastly, there is such a thing called "analog controls" in DI. This allows you to use the thumbtick to swing the weapon in any direction you'd like (up, down, left, right). The setup is nicely done, and makes digital swinging, like Oblivion or Skyrim, seem obsolete.

    I personally didn't like L4D. It was great, and the zombies were intense...but the game lacked variety. You can only use what I remember being 6 or 7 weapons throughout the entire game...(pistol, Uzi, shotgun, assault rifle, scoped rifle, riot shotgun). Also, the game was unlocked from the get-go. This means no work to unlock the cool levels...its all open to play then and there. I wasn't a very big fan of this set up. The game was realistic, though. Zombies kept to themselves, unless you came too close or screwed with them. The zombies all had a behavior. You can also play L4D on splitscreen and splitscreen online, which blows Dead Island's MP out of the water.

    Source(s): Played both games. Enjoyed both, but I enjoyed Dead Island much more.
  • MaX
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    8 years ago

    Dead Island

  • 8 years ago

    Dead Island because it has more freedom and the graphics are way better. It a little more realistic and if you like gore then you'll love this game bacause there are lots of gore and the zombies look more disgusting. If you have the money just buy both. My suggestions are buying Cod:W@W (Zombies mode), Cod:Black Ops (Zombie Mode), L4D, and Dead Island. Or Resident Evil.

    Great Zombie/Survival Games: Cod:W@W, Cod:Black Ops, Dead Island, L4D 1 and 2, Resident Evil,Killing Floor (PC), Dead Rising, or the Wii Zombie game thing.

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Well, if you have Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam, you would have gotten all DLC included with it. The DLC adds all the levels from Left 4 Dead 1. Providing you own Left 4 Dead 2 with ALL the DLC, then dont get 1, because essentially you already have it.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Dead island for sure, my friend is letting me borrow it right now and ive almost beat it, the game play is great, the visuals stunning, and the zombies will sometime give you a heart attack or that really bad feeling, anyway ive also played the left 4 dead games, wasent really impresed with that game to much. also a plus point to dead island is that you can create new weapons, Dead island 10/10

    Source(s): have the game and have almost completed it
  • 8 years ago

    Dead island. Dead island ( in my opinion ) is a better game then L4D because you have he chance to free roam the island instead if staying on one set path with one set goal.

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