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What are the risks associated with HRT for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?

As far as I can tell Hormone replacement therapy is one of the only treatments for Hashimoto's disease, but what are the risks involved?

Also is HRT the only treatmentment for Hypothyroidism in general?

Please help. Thanks XD

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    HRT is usually referring to hormone replacement as in reproductive hormones but of course that is what is being done w/ thyroid too ... the 'meds' are replacement for thyroid hormone that your body isnt producing enough of. I do not know of side effects from the meds only severe consequences for NOT taking the meds. You did not say if you are taking them already but:

    Are you taking your meds right? Taking 1st thing, on empty stomach, & do not eat (or coffee) for 1/2 hr? Also, if you take calcium, iron or acid reducer, do not take for 3 hrs.

    You should ask the doctor to add Cytomel IF the replacement that you are on is Synthroid.

    You should also take Selenium, Folic Acid, D3, Zinc, and B Complex.

    God bless

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    There is an association between Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and NHL and thyroid cancer, but it's not very common.

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