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Poll: App store or Android Market (Google Play)?

I like apple.

How about you guys?

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    The iStore has a better format, looks better, and I feel is generally easier to find things in. However, Android Market/Google Play wins hands-down, for two reasons. One, Android devices can download apps from sources other than Google Play. The Apple Nazis lock their devices down, and if you ever want to get content on your iWhatever, you're either going to perform some kind of risky jailbreak, which I've seen screw up devices over and over, or you're going to be putting money into Apple's bank account. Two, Google treats their app developers fairly. In other words, Google doesn't blacklist developers who make apps that compete with apps that Google offers, such as Google Maps. Any app that is family-appropriate and isn't harmful is allowed on Google Play, and Google actually strives to improve its own products to stay ahead of their competitors, rather than simply exiling the competing products like Apple does.

    Overall, I think Apple's hardware products are better, and their storefront is easier to use. However, I will continue to buy Android products because of the open-source OS, the ability to use third-party apps, native Flash support, and Google's better overall treatment of their developers and their customers. As more developers move over to Android and the market share grows, Apple is going to have to change some of their policies. Historically, they're slow learners, and I wouldn't be surprised if in ten years Apple finds itself on the brink of bankruptcy--again.

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    9 years ago

    Apple store

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    It has to be an App store

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    9 years ago

    App store

    the android market/google play store doesnt even have temple run or instagram like wtf

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