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Do you like Christi or Melissa from Dance Moms?

I personally think Melissa is doing what all parents do, they want the best for there kids and she'll do anything to make their dreams come true. I mean isn't that what parents are for? I think Christi is nice sometimes, but she sometimes reminds me of Bethenny Frankel from Real Housewives of New York where she has all of these really funny one liners. But at the same time, she says things kind of harshly sometimes. Which makes me not like her sometimes. So I like Melissa more, but don't get me wrong I love how Chloe and Maddie dance, they seem like great kids too. Who do you like better- Melissa or Christi?

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    I love Christi ! She just loves her daughter so much and just wants Chloe to know that she's an amazing girl. I love it when Christi says, "I wouldn't change one Chloe for 1,000 Maddie's." She's such a sweet mum, I love her !


    <3 xo

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    Sorry but I gotta go with Christi, I think Melissa does want the best for Maddie, but if u notice, she only does all this extra stuff FOR MADDIE not Mackenzie. And shouldnt a kid show what she has on her own with out having a parent suck up to the dance coach. Maddies amazing, ill admit that, but shes not really a kid, she doesnt really seem.friends with anybody at the studio. Dance has fully taken over her life.

    Christi allows Chloe to be a kid and have friends. Chloes best friend is Paige & you can tell shes just a lot happier than Melissa. I think Chloe is good naturally, but Maddie is because it consumed her life

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