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If I use two different tax services, and one gives me a bigger fed tax refund, can I using both services ....?

If I use two different tax services, and one gives me a bigger fed tax refund, can I using both services, and will the IRS send me the bigger refund check? HR block is giving me less than another service I am about to use, and I don't know if I shoudl just file fed taxes also with the second service which is estimating a bigger return.

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    Before you do sign the one income tax RETURN that has been correctly completed try and make sure that it is really CORRECT for the 2011 tax year and that the REFUND amounts is the CORRECT amount that you do qualify to receive during the 2012 tax filing season for the 2011 tax year.

    And you do have to sign the completed tax return where the below statement is included at bottom of the page of the 1040 tax form for your use at this time in your life.

    Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have examined this return, and to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is true, correct, and accurately lists all amounts and sources of income I received during the tax year.

    Your signature Date Your occupation Spouse’s signature. Date Your occupation

    If a joint return, both must sign.

    Be sure that you do have very good detailed written records and a copy of the worksheet that you used to determine the amount of support that you and others paid for this purpose available in case the IRS should decide that they would want you to verify some of the information that you entered on your 1040 income tax return and printed a copy for your records and signed the other copy to send to the IRS for processing at that time in your life.

    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 04/02/2012

  • If you are getting two different refund amounts, you have screwed up somewhere. The tax software or service that you use should not matter. You should get the same refund regardless of how you prepare your return.

    Go back and check your work as the only way that you would get different refunds is if YOU messed up on one, or even both. Until you get the same refund on both, do NOT file your return.

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    LOL! NO! The IRS will accept the first return that it receives. The second will be ignored.

    And there should be no "estimating" of the refund. You complete your taxes and the answer should be the same if you gave both firms the same info.

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    The answers should be the same!!!

    but just saying: if the second place proves the first place made a mistake, you wait until you get your refund in the bank, then you (get help and) file an amended return - form 1040X

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