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Does the snore stopper work?

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    Hello Radio309, Here are a few home remedies to help you to stop snoring. Good luck and take care.

    Lose Weight

    Maintain a normal weight - Losing weight can greatly reduce or even end snoring and possible obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Proper diet and exercise to losing weight.

    Avoid Smoking

    Don't smoke--period!! can cause increased nasal congestion and mucous in the throat area. Breathing through the nose is more effectual way to bring air into the lungs than mouth breathing.

    Reduce Alcohol Intake

    Alcohol can cause relaxation in the soft tissues and muscles in the throat. This will result in snoring or sleep apnea.

    Sleep on your side, it makes the snoring a little lower

    Snoring Remedies

    One effective stop snoring home remedy is to clear out nasal congestion. Nasal congestion causes snoring by building a vacuum in the throat. Use a humidifier to clear out the congestion so that you can get relief from snoring. Avoid the use of sedatives too. Sedatives depress the central nervous system which leads to excessive relaxation of the muscles and tissues in your throat. Sedatives are also linked to sleep apnea which is linked to cardiovascular disease. Keeping a regular is another good home remedy. Go to bed and wake at the same time each day. Plenty of sleep is a must as well.

    There are quite a few snoring remedies that work. For instance, lifestyle changes are a must if you want to stop snoring. Start exercising more and stop the intake of alcohol and cigarettes. In particular, avoid drinking before going to bed. Alcohol is known to relax the throat muscles and this results in the air passages being blocked even more. Another way that you can stop snoring is by getting a mouthpiece fitted. Breathing through the mouth also causes snoring and this can be prevented by a mouthpiece. You will have to contact your dentist who can then fit one for you. Another alternative is to purchase a nasal spray which you can spray at the back of your throat, tongue and uvula.

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    Snore Stopper

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    The Snore Stopper works by opening the nasal passage in order to stop back pressure closing off the throat airway then causing snoring.

    This will work if you have some form of nasal airway obstruction.

    However most people snore because of a throat airway obstruction due to the lower jaw allowing the soft palate to collapse into the throat. This is known as throat snoring.

    If your snoring does come from the throat - then you should try a product like Slumber Guard which holds the lower jaw in the correct posture so that you can sleep and breathe freely.

    Check both these products out at the Slumber Guard site -they sell online worldwide.

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    Stop Snoring Sleep Apnea Forever -

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    Is it you who is snoring?Or your partner snoring? If it is your partner who snores, I suggest you just pinch his/her nose for about 5 seconds - they will turn onto their side and the snoring will stop, because snoring occurs only when you sleep on your back. The above has worked very well for the b.f. because he tends to snore the moment he falls asleep - and he always falls asleep before me.

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