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what names do they give to unclaimed babies?

What names do they put on unclaimed babies when they're in that room with all the other babies? I known unidentified people are given the name John/Jane Doe, but are babies different? Does the hospital just give them a name themselves? And how long do they stay in the hospital if they don't have a mother or father?

I'd actually like to know the whole process too, if you know.

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    There really aren't any "unclaimed babies". Every baby biologically has a mother, that's how they were born at the hospital. It is possible for a baby to go into state custody shortly after birth, for example if the baby has a positive drug test and the state feels the parent is unfit. But at the time of birth, they would still be in the custody of the parent (and state custody is often temporary so the baby would still be legally the child of the parent even if not in that parent's custody) and the parent would name them. Also, most parents now "room-in" with their children, so hospitals don't tend to have rooms full of babies much anymore either.

    In the case of a private adoption, typically the adoptive parents will name the baby. It may be that the birth parent will give the baby a temporary name until the adoptive parents come to the hospital. It may be that the name has already been agreed upon and it is used immediately. It may be that the birth parent chooses not to name the baby and so the baby doesn't have a name legally and then the hospital calls the baby "Baby Girl/Boy BirthParent's Last Name" legally. I have also seen it where the nurses just choose an informal first name to call the baby until the adoptive parents arrive, just because it's more personal when they talk to the baby, but that wouldn't be the baby's legal name.

    In any cases, healthy babies with no medical issues are typically released 48 hours after birth. If the birth parents are not parenting, the baby may go into state foster care, home with adoptive parents, or in some cases, they may go into temporary foster care that is not state-run.

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