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Rate each Wrestlemania 28 Match 1-10?

And before you idiots go off, I did order this PPV, unfortunately.

1. Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship: 2/10

...Terrible beginning and end because there was more of an end than a beginning. 18 second match and the inevitable and harsh burying of the unbelievably talented Bryan Danielson by the stale Sheamus. HOWEVER!!!!! This angle worked like a charm. His latest overconfident-filled title run was failing miserably. Daniel Bryan is the ultimate underdog. He is the guy that should be chasing the heel against all odds. He is the guy that should be pulling out the victory despite his lack of size. His latest heel run has been all of the things that Bryan is not. The WWE had to find a way to bring him back from the depths of hell and this should do just fine.

When you lose to a guy in 18 seconds, you are automatically back to underdog status. It also gives his character a chance to "gain perspective" and learn humility. We can look into storyline perspective now: you have a beaten Daniel Bryan that was made a fool of at WrestleMania. The Brogue Kick knocked some sense into Daniels and helped him come to his senses. He becomes humble and completely apologetic to the WWE Universe…and AJ as well. Over the coming weeks, Bryan slowly starts to win the right way again. He begins to turn into the Bryan that the WWE Universe clamored for in the early days of his WWE run. Terrible match, but I'm interested for the future of Daniel Bryan.

2. Kane vs Randy Orton: 4 out of 10

It wasn't a great match, but it went as expected with Kane using his size to overpower Orton to get the win.

I would expect this feud to continue so Orton can get a win on pay-per-view. After their next match, I can see Orton getting into a feud with a mid-level guy on his way up to the main event, while Kane will get stuck in another feud that the fans won't care about.

3. The Big Show vs Cody Rhodes: 3/10

While this was a finish I was expecting, I can't say I am happy about it. The one positive with Rhodes losing the strap is that he may finally get into the world title hunt. With Sheamus the new champion, Rhodes would be the perfect feud to kick off his reign.

For Show, I don't know what feud would be next. Maybe if Alberto Del Rio is healthy, he can get into the title hunt.

4. Kelly Kelly and Maria Menuon... Menoun... ah, F(u)ck it vs Eve and Beth Phoenix: 0.5/10 Piss Break yo.

5. Undertaker vs Triple H w/Shawn Michaels as Special Guest Referee, HELL IN A CELL: 10/10

All I can say is wow. One of the greatest matches in the history of the event. Nuff' said.

6. Team Johnny vs Team Teddy: 3.5/10 Not even worth a penny of what I ordered.

7. CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship: 7/10 A pretty decent match altogether, It was a good showcase of two of the best in-ring workers currently in the WWE. The sh(i)t talking by Jericho added an uncomfortable feeling to the match, but it was a good one. I would've much preferred Jericho to win.

8. The Rock vs John Cena: Match Rating: 7.5 out of 10

It wasn't a great match. It was a bit boring in the first 10 minutes and while the finish was nice, it does nothing for "business" having the Rock get the win. So the hype didn't cut out for this match. Still a pretty decent match and it's safe to say it was the 2nd best match of the night due to the fact that only one other match was actually good and I mean REAL GOOD.

Overall rating: 3/10.

Definitely worst than last year. This felt like a rushed 4 hour episode of Monday Night RAW with bad scripting and even terrible matches. I hope the WWE rebounds soon or we may see a downfall of ratings even lower than it already is.

Match of the Night goes to HHH vs Undertaker.

What is your review WS?

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    1) Daniel Bryan Vs Sheamus- 3/10

    Was a quick match but may have created a great angle.

    2) Kane Vs Orton - 5/10

    Was a nice match with a great finishing move to end it off (Chokeslam from top rope)

    3) Big Show Vs Cody Rhodes - 2/10

    Was an alright match, happy for Big Show

    4) Kelly Kelly and Maria Manunous Vs Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres - 7/10

    I rate this one high because for once Vince/ Creative actually let the divas wrestle, Maria did an excellent job as far as selling is concerned and at one point it was believed that she was legitimately injured.

    5) Triple H Vs The Undertaker (HBK Special Guest Ref ) - 10/10

    This was by far the best match of the nigh , in what was a very violent and brutal match turned out to be some thing that may have changed the careers of these 3 men, a tremendous amount of respect was shown as both Undertaker and Shawn Michaels helped HHH to the back. This match had lots of legitimate chair shots and other use of weapons.

    6) Team Johnny Vs Team Teddy- 5/10

    Entertaining match , could have been written better, ( with out having Eve ruin it , while being a bit of a tweener during the match - cheering ryder after winning a heel divas match - )

    7) Cm Punk Vs Chris Jericho - 8/10 Part way threw I had to leave for about 5 minutes (to use the bathroom if your wondering why) , and thus don't know what happened as far as big moves, I did see a big move from Cm Punk and this match looks suitable for my rating as I have read a few other people's opinion.

    8) The Rock Vs John Cena - 9/10

    This was a great match, lots of back and forth action , several close calls for both guys , just happens that Rock got the win , couldn't have been written better.

    Overall Rating- 5.5/10

    I do agree that last years show was better but we have to think about how many superstars from last year are no longer with WWE (Ei; Chavo Guerrero) but with what WWE had available other then the brodus clay segment I would have written it probably exactly the way it was.

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    Sheamus vs Bryan: 0/10 What a disappointment.

    Kane vs Orton: 8/10 Was surprised, very entertaining.

    Rhodes vs Show: 5/10 Wasnt that good

    Kelly Kelly and Maria M vs Eve and Beth Pheonix: 4/10 Kelly Kelly impresed today but her partner was a mess.

    Undertaker vs HHH: 10/10 Great Match, AMAZING

    Team Jonny vs Team Teddy: 7/10, entertaining

    CM Punk vs Chris Jericho: 9/10, great counters,..simply a good match.

    The Rock vs John Cena: 10/10, Great match and great ending.

    Overall Grade- 9.5/10

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    8 years ago

    Show was good .. Ur just being a douche.. 3/10 seriously? Lol

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