A title for a mystery book?

It's going to be another SHerlock Holmes spinoff type of book, with the main detective being named Sherlock Holmes, and his little side-kicker Jonathan Watson (John Watson). But I want a creative-ish title, preferably a short and mysterious phrase, or just a simple word. Nothing too long. But please, WHATEVER you have in mind, please put it. It'll help. THANKS!



Setting: Today, the present.

Story is basically going to be in a few books actually, with each being a new case. Sherlock Holmes, in my version, is a young man, thirty-ish, and John Watson is around the same age but possibly a little older. Sherlock Holmes was grown up in a very strict, formal, environment, though his parent's worried about his personality. Even though he was always extremely intelligent, he never showed interest for social events and usually came off as rude and cold which followed with some rather harsh punishments.

Fact of the matter was, he had Aspergers. Which explained his extreme intelligence, but lack of social character. He doesn't have a true set of morals and mostly solves cases out of interest, not because he has an urge to save people. He doesn't talk about himself, parent's, or anything personal unless it's forcefully pried out of him. He and his brother get along alright, though their relationship comes off with more of an

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    Your Holmes sound almost exactly like the original sleuth by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. If the cases you write are also takeoffs, why not alter their titles as well. "A Scandal in Bohemia", in which Holmes sought and almost retrieved an incriminating photograph of a European king, could be re-configured so that the client is an American president or head of an international corporate conglomerate. The 'photograph' could be a threat to publish on the internet a corporate scandal (poison in pharmaceuticals) or something that would destroy the President's credibility. "A Scandal in Botox Inc."?

    Generally, the title should reflect the story. So, I suggest that you write the story first; then find inspiration from it.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The slooters

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