Who's the bigger puncher?

Roberto Duran or Manny Pacquiao

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    Duran kayoed or stopped 50 of his first 62 opponents on the way to compiling a 62-1 record during the first ten years of his career staring briefly as a featherweight but fighting mostly as a lightweight. Among his prominent KO victims include featherweight great Ernesto Marcel and lightweight contender Vilomar Fernandez ( the only boxers to beat Alexis Arguello early in his career ), world champions Esteban de Jesus, Ken Buchanan, Hiroshi Kobayashi and Guts Ishimatsu and lightweight contender Ray Lampkin. He also held wins over Saoul Mamby and Edwin Viruet.

    Duran was able to carry his punching power from the lightweight to the super middleweight where he was able to knock out among others Monroe Brook Pipino Cuevas and Davey Moore and constantly threatened the likes of Adolfo Viruet Carlos Palomino, Sugar Ray Leonard ( in their first fight ), Wilfred Benitez, Iran Barkley, among prominent opponents.

    Overall Duran has 70 KOs in his 103 career wins.

    Pacquiao scored mostly his KOs at lighter weights ( flyweight through the lightweight ). He has KOd or stopped Oscar de la Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto coming up from the lightweight but has had to settle for decisions against his last four opponents at welterweight and above ( Clottey, Margarito, Mosley and Marquez ).

    Overall Pacquiao has 38 KOs in his current 54 wins but most of those KOs came at 130 lbs. and below.and against lesser known opponents.

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    By all accounts, Manny Pacquiao doesnt have a massive punch. read Sugar Shanes comments after their fight, he couldnt explain Manny`s power, but he did say its not like classic power, its more snap. and i have a theory as to this, having watched videos of Manny in hes earlier fights, as well as images of hes knock-downs of Marquez in their first fight, I think manny doesnt have pure knock-out power, but he has that flash knockdown ability.. i.e hes has a kind-of sucker-punch effect, wether this is due to hes speed, angles, or a combo of the 2 I dont know, but it seems hes punches come as a suprise with enough power to drop people. the reason he hasnt been able to finish off bigger guys is simply cause their bigger and can take the `sucker-punch` better

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    Duran is bigger and bulkier and that makes him bigger puncher than Manny Pac

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