Question for a current military recruiter?

I want to drop out of the air force dep and join the army. (Please do not try to tell me the air force is better and what not). Is this possible? Will the army recruiter want to deal with me?

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  • Sean
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    8 years ago
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    If your already in the AF dep then legally an Army recruiter can't speak with you in regards to joining. You can however talk to your AF recruiter and drop out of the dep program. He may claim legalities about dropping out, sending you to jail, etc but ultimately he really can't doing anything about it. You are not under contract until the day you ship out to basic.

    As far as joining the Army after dropping form AF dep, that's a tough one. The Army recruiter will know that you were in the AF dep whether you tell him or not. Everything is processed through the same system even though it is a different channel or route. Your name will pop up in the system. How they react to it, I honestly don't know. If I were an Army recruiter I prob wouldn't bother with you knowing that information. It shows the potential that after I go through all this effort to get you into an Army dep you may decide you want to be a Marine, Sailor, or go National Guard or Coast Guard. It's tough and I know it's a shitty way of looking at it but try to see it from their point of view.

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  • 4 years ago

    Be up the front and trustworthy about it. when you're wanting a job that calls for a polygraph, be honest. Smoking once, might want to no longer be some thing which will save you from that interest, however mendacity about it in basic terms would. As a protection pressure recruiter, I interviewed many thousands of applicants and that i can assume one hand the fashion who not in any respect smoked weed a minimum of once of their existence. as long as you do not attempt effective at any time and also you're trustworthy, you would possibly want to no longer have any difficulty.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    yes of course he would

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