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The great seal of United States is a masonic symbol. And the country founders is associated to illuminati?

Bush and Obama, both associated to illuminati too. And there have the Walt disney, biggest satanic enterprise of world.

I'll say my opinoi. I ever admired the USA because is a rich and organizated country, unlike Brazil, that is a s.h.i.t, who live here know why i said it. But now i'm discovering certain bad things about USA, and increasingly i'm thinking that this country is a farce that try pervert all this world, because his influence in world is very large.





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    Yes, the United States was founded by 13 mambers of the recent (at the time) brotherhood Illuminati but you must care about our own country - Brazil - before taking care about USA.

    Brazil is derived from a mystic name "Hy-Brazil" and was founded by templar kinights (have you seen any illustration showing the caravels with templar crosses?) and ruled by freemasonry since it discovering.

    Actually, Brazil is not ruled by freemasonry (visit their site ti see that they claims this) but ruled by zionist media and Rottschild family.

    Brazilian "hero" Tiradentes was the only one sentenced in a freemason conspiracy. They used the red triangle as symbol. Some years after, the King of Portugal came to Brazil escaping from Napoleon. The Rotschild family took the control of the Britsh finances and all banks in England. Visit the official site of Rottschild in Brazil and you will see that Nathan Rotschild was the first banker operating in Brazil.

    In 1822, the emperor Peter I proclaimed the independence of Brazil and made himself Grand grandmaster of all freemason Lodges in Brazil. Remember that José Bonifácio founded the first Lodge of Freemasonry in Brazil.

    Some decades later, the freemasonry of the United States sent some confederate freemason families to "colonize", to "settle" an area in the state of São Paulo. The new freemason city was baptized with the name of Americana.

    There's no important vehicle of media in Brazil that don't use the all seeing eye as logo or that is not owned by a zionist jewish or a mamber of freemasonry.

    Every Brazilian president MUST BE FREEMASON. Dilma is a woman but they make sure that a freemason president would rule our country: bothe, José Serra and Michel Temer are grandmaster fremasons.

    Brasília, the federal capital was founded by President Juscelino Kubtscheck, freemason and descendant of czech gipsy from Bohemia. Brasilias was projected by the jewish freemason archtect Oscar Niemeyer to reproduce the old Egypt - The Old Grand Orient.

    To finnish, I suggest you to change your "avatar" (?) because the brazilian flag was designed by fremasons to represent the night at november 15, 1889, when a freemason general proclaimed the republic.

    Our - Brazilian - flag don't represent the forrest, gold and the ocean like you learned at scholl. That's is the ALL SEEING EYE or the EYE OF HORUS, if you didn't noticed.

    Note that the United States is just a pawn of the Britsh Crown and the Britsh Royalty, by their side, is just a pawn of Freemasonry, Illuminati, papacy and Zionist who works to prepare the world for the government of the antichrist, that, probably will receive orders from Rottschild family.

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    Okay, let's put this nonsense to bed once and for all.

    The Great Seal could not be a Masonic symbol because the majority of the men who designed it were not Masons and knew nothing about the symbolism. Only Dr. Franklin was a Mason and he did not contribute any information to the others.

    The Illuminati had no influence on the Founding Fathers since it was begun in Germany while these men were in America. Do you think they took a Concord to meetings so they could commute to and from Germany and be home in time for dinner?

    It did not last long because it was broken up by the German Government in the 1780's. There are no living members of the Illuminati, as they would have to be better that 260 years old.

    To say Mr. Walt Disney was Satanic is so sick I am now done with you!

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    Freemasons =/= Illuminati

    The Illuminati were a group of freethinkers in Bavaria in 1776 following the Age Of Reason who advocated logic and reason as what should motivate human action rather than religions or royalty. They were banned one year later by Karl Theodor and had been completely disbanded by 1786.

    Crap conspiracies are just that ... crap.

  • And 9/11 Was A Cyber Job...

    Hologram Planes...

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    it does not contain the Masonic symbol.this is a myth.i am well versed on the subject of the Masonic order,and though there is some resemblance,it is not Masonic.the history channel,and movies use this to create is all made up by conspirators.

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    So what?

    I see that you don't get an education in Brazil either.....

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